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HH100 Problem Solved....User Error

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My week long effort to get my Raider 10 to fire finally is resolved....quick back story that might help anyone else. I was totally baffled that I had spark and 90 PSI compression and even using starting fluid got little more than a sputter. The problem was I just needed to add triple the amount of starting fluid or gas and the thing fired right up which it hadn't done before. What a relief !!!

Is it wrong to hear it run strong even for 3 seconds and get turned on?  lol.


Sorry to jump posts but I figure most people reading know about 100 times more than me so.....

Carb....LME 29. Mine seems sorta OK but is there an aftermarket replacement out there for under $100? I kinda like the idea of a brand new carburetor.


Front axle on my 1970 Raider 10......I have a really nice 42" JD snow blade with the bracket that bolts to the frame in front......is there any reason I couldn't weld 2 L-brackets to the front axle member to bolt it to. My concern is since its cast.....how well can that be welded to? Or should I try to weld some brackets to the frame instead?


Special thanks to Strauss, Kevin, and especially Brian for help, info, and troubleshooting.



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@Dan693 I think I would weld/bolt material to the tractor frame, not the axle.

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      A guy I know runs all his 4 cycle power equipment engines on 2 cycle fuel. He claimed it reduced engine wear. Aside from the added cost of the 2 cycle oil, are there other downsides. Just curious what you all think. 
      And now for the rest of the story: I spoke to the guy again. He was a mechanic at a place where they operate a lot of outdoor power equipment; with both 2 and 4 cycle engines. To prevent employees from putting straight gas into their 2 cycle machines, all their fuel got 2 cycle oil mix with it. For them, it was more economical to spend money on oil, than on blown engines and downtime. 
      Thank for all the great posts. I found some to be very entertaining.
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      The Ethanol Monster strikes again!
      Got out the pressure washer and went to start it, "no dice"
      Opened the carb and found those typical ethanol pearls, as I call them.
      I used an additive in my fuel last year, Ethanol Shield, did not seem to work very well.
      Not wanting to drive 30 miles for fuel, and still skeptical about if it is true ethanol free.
      Switched over to Lucas additive now.
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      Let me first say that it ran when I brought it home.  Drove it around the guys yard, tried out the mower, drove it onto the trailer and drove it off the trailer and into the garage.
      I've done a "ground up" restore on the tractor (70 Charger 12).  Swapped out the breakerless for a battery ignition and swapped out the 10 amp for a 15 amp stator, flywheel and regulator.
      Pulled the head, looked pretty good, new head gasket and head bolts.new fuel pump, fuel lines,new switches and wiring, new aftermarket carb, new coil, coil wire, new points, new throttle and choke cables.
      Static timed (twice just to make sure) Have tried Autolite 216's and the hotter 437's. changed the condenser to the high dollar Kohler one.
      It will idle but when I give it some throttle it stumbles or will rev up a little then quits.
      I've gone thru the "trouble shooting " steps multiple time and to no avail
      Anyone got any ideas??  I am willing to try most anything at this point
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