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1964 854

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1964 854s

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here are pictures of a recently bought 854







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    • By admin-(Admin)
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      Dated February 17, 1965
      232613 Kohler belt nla Use 231605
      232613 - Gates 7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree
      231605 - Gates 7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree or Napa 25-7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree
      1964 model 854
      1965 model 855
      1965 model 875
      Starter/generator belt
      Kohler 10hp, 12hp - 235262 (7345 Gates .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) (25-7345 Napa .410" x 35.09" 36 degree)
      Wheel Horse 1593 (3L x 34.4") - nla (Gates replacement 6735 3/8" x 35" 38 degree)
      1964 model 1045
      1964 model 1054 - Not in PSB - Wheel Horse # 1593 nla {3Lx34.4"} - Gates 7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree
      1965 model 1054A - Not in PSB - Kohler 235262 replaces 235528 [.41"x35.09" 36 degree] - Gates 7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree or Napa 25-7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree
      1965 model 1055
      1965 model 1075
    • By drjarvisphd121
      Hi guys, this is my first post so I hope it works... I've picked up a 854 not to long ago and I'm trying to restore as close to original as possible. My question is which seat should I be looking for. It came with the round seat and was told it was original but I've been seeing a few come on fb with square seats. I have both but would like to know what it originally came with in 1964. Also were the bug lights an option in 64? If so is there a reproduction that's close to original? Thank you in advance for any help
    • By psalms83:18
      1984 c175 twin cyl, hydro, mow deck, snowblower, led lights, all tire chains, wheel weights, removable tool rack, resealed hydro control, new oils, spare parts. Runs great no smoke no sputter, starts everytime all winter long! 800firm
      1959 suburban 400 potentially original round hood without punched hole from the later year models, has some missing metal from rust. Frame and tranny is good. Took apart to stop the rust and clean it up. Rebuilt tranny with new seals and bearings and moves great! Motor turns and parts all there. Tires seem to hold air and has great potential for lots of arguments as a true 1959. 300

    • By kansas buckeye
      Is there a easy way to replace the roller pin in the steering wheel of a Wheelhorse 854
    • By Sparky-(Admin)
      The model 854 has been on my wanted lost for a long time! Whenever one comes up for sale it’s either a zillion miles away, beat beyond reasonable repair or overpriced (in my opinion anyway). 
        So when @stevebo calls to say he has a nice 854 for sale AND he is giving me first refusal how could I say no! I have dropped over $7500 on a couple home projects in the last 30 days so my slush funds were hurting, but Steve gave me a week to make my decision. 
        Of course I bought it and my wife and I rode out to Steves today for it. This one has had a couple previous Connecticut owners (we love to buy and sell among ourselves 😁) Pics of course....