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Swift Arrow

Found in the Junkyard - will it fit?

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Swift Arrow

Hi people!

I came across a "brand-new" (unused, in the box) snowblower attachment for a lawn tractor.  It looked like it *might* be wheel-horse tack-o-matic compatible, but I have no experience with these things.

I only took a picture of the nameplate on the thing because I was in a rush.  It's a Heilman Enterprises thing from Indiana.

Does anyone know anything about these?  All I could find online is that the company existed between 1971 and 1989.



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Not a thing!  But more pictures might help.

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That blower is for a tractor that the company made while in business and is not for any Wheelhorse.
Here is a picture of a 1970's LawnRover that Heilman made.



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