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1961 701

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1961 701s

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Here's my 701...the first of the horses with a forward engine design!!


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Lane Ranger

A very Nice 701 Wheel Horse owned by Don Redding shown at Scott Mehlburg's Meet and Greet Octobe 1, 2011:



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Jim Demery

This is my 61 701. I recently restored it for the local tractor shows. 


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Rob J.












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    • Brad Schroder
      By Brad Schroder
      Looking for 701 (k161) parts. Starter/generator, right side belt cover, left side belt cover, air cleaner housing. Thanks
    • oliver2-44
      By oliver2-44
      This one was on Marketplace for quite a while with a hefty price tag.  I ask if he was flexible on price, Nope.  After a quite a while longer same question before I made the drive.  Come on up, maybe we can make a deal.  The rest is history, I didn't steal it, but I'm happy with the deal!
      Ya I know you want pictures, but there a little more interesting back story.  His granddad's business was Nicholson Machine and Equipment and he was a Wheelhorse Dealer in the 50's and 60's in Paris....., Tx  that is!  He sent me this picture of the glass window from the door to the business that he has framed.  
      He also wrote me a short note about his Granddad's business.  So after his he passed, his dad gave the tractor to him. he's had it for quite a few years and said it's always been garage kept.

      So if a Dealer owned this for his own use and never sold it, and then it passed to his Son, and then Grandson, that would technically make me the 1st buyer, 
        Ok so on to some tractor photo's
      beautiful double pulley belt guard front and center.  It starts with a spray of gas in the carb, but doesn't stay running.

      All there, nice and original, you can see a weld repair on the front of the belt guard,
      Here's the serial number @gwest_ca

      The plastic dash is intact and not cracked!

      My 1st old style split key.

      it still has the orignal Silverton Ags. They hold air, but their so hard they probable don't need any.  I wonder if their hard because they might still have calcium chloride in them???
      The hitch pin isn't frozen and the lift cable even works.

      Interesting decal plastered across the front of the hood.

      aluminum gas tank is fairly clean.

      Hood bottom tab has been repaired.

      topless view of the engine, needs a bath. The front tires are original and hold air, but have some splits across the thread.

      Homemade choke and throttle cable bracket.  The base of the engine has wet oil, so i suspect it needs some gaskets.

      Both axle seals are dry, but the input shaft and brake shaft seals leak.

      I've learned if the top of the transmission is filthy oily, it probable means theirs water in the transmission that has floated the oil out.  This one is clean so hopefully that's a good sign.

      Started some maintenance and a beautiful sight, not a drop of water, just black oil.  It shifts through the gears nicely so it will be interesting to see how it runs/drives.
      I'll gradually go all through it with my checklist.  701 Minor Overhaul Checklist.ods
      Then have to decide if I rub it down with linseed oil like it is, or buff with some steel wool or wet sand to bring a little more red out, then oil. 
      How would ya'll put your finishing touches on it?
      I'll update this thread as I do maintenance on it and get it running.
    • wh315-8
      By wh315-8
      So just picked up a 701, obviously the engine isn't right. I have a 7hp Kohler to put on and will put B&S on my Speedex. Anyone ever seen a post come out on the right from the rock shaft? It rotates with the lift handle and has no holes in it. It was done up well, almost looking factory.

    • chompinthebit
      By chompinthebit
      Hi all,
      i bought this 1961 701 in fall of 2018 and restored it. I completed it in fall of 2019 and I wanted to show some pictures of before during and after I got it done. I did my research and tried to make this tractor as close to original as possible. The few exceptions are tires, wiring and the steering support. Not a perfect tractor but sure is nice enough for me. 
      all stainless hardware
      Rustolium stops rust Primer
      Rustolium Regal Red enamel paint
      powder coated wheels and seat
      Glenn Pettit Reproduction dash

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