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does anyone make a seat cover for a 1054 want the white and black like original. i have the wood and foam just need to cover it. any help would be appreciated.

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Check the "Vendors" section. I believe a member of this forum makes repros for that era. "Wheel Horse of Michigan"

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    • Monstrosity
      By Monstrosity
      Show off what your doing from the seat of your Horse!!! Fixed up a mowing deck for the 1277 and put the plow on the C1014. Getting ready to level a topsoil pile and going down the block to mow the small park to test the mowing deck out.
    • Pullstart
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      5 big wheels, in various forms or stages.  One with melted wiring, one runner, one in need of an engine, one full project and one in the middle of nap time.  @953 nut thanks again for turning on my big wheel switch!

    • Pullstart
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      So, this kind of was destined to show up, I guess.  My wife found it a while back and was trying to buy it for me for our anniversary, but I was already in the middle of helping @Bow_Extreme get a deal on it!  Well, come to find out, he called looking to possible unload it.  SOLD SOLD SOLD!  The color is odd, but it adds character.  I think it’ll stay.  I’m thinking this might show up to Uncle Jim’s Plow day, snowblower engine and all to work the field!

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      1964 Wheel Horse sales brochure
      12 pages 651KB
      12 pages 2.1MB
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      By wh315-8
      Have a 1964 WH 1054. The tractor will steer tight to the left but only half the angle to the right. Drag link will hit the stops on axle on both sides. The steering gear has more teeth to go on the right but stops on the axle stop. Linkage is all good and snug. Seems if I adjust the linkage I will put the wheels out of straight. Is this normal for this model? Haven't tried to adjust anything yet, still trying to study what I could change so that it will steer the same radius both directions. Will get up close pics to post later. The linkage from the main gear to drag link is connected from the bottom up. I notice some go from the top down, I studied mine and it seems to be correct because of the bend in the link to go under the frame. The stops may have been added later, but seems it could be factory; even w/o the stops it would steer in same way, just have more radius but still short to the right.

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