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To straight pipe or not to straight pipe

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Hello on my kawasaki 227-5 17 hp single cylinder i was thinking about putting a straight through pipe on it and people time and time again were mentioning burnt or warped exhaust valves and i have no idea how bad this is or how common it is so i just want to know if i should or shouldn't straight pipe the engine 


thank you 





see my other thread about tachometer gauges 

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James, not something I've looked into...

Welcome to red square, come and say hello in the euro section!


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Is this a pulling or racing tractor? If so then go for it. But if you plan on mowing and doing yard chores with it I think you'll find the straight pipe to loud and annoying. Do you have neighbors?





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Thank you for the welcome I was planning to take it racing and not really for garden driving, I was going to make the pipe long so it wasn't too loud but I thought it would help power

Thank you for replying


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With a straight through on a petrol engine you could lose a bit of power. Petrol's need some back pressure.

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ok thank you all for the replies, I'm just thinking of putting a cutout in the manifold so it can be quite and then on demand or if i want more power i could use a cut out 

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