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I have a 1969 GT 14   It goes fair in forward but slowly moves in reverse. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

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Service manual suggests 3 things. Speed control linkage, Charge pump valves and Acceleration valves. 


First is easy second two much more involved.


Linkage adjustment should be covered in your owners manual.  I would start with that.


Or download the sunstrand transmission manual (available on this site) and look a page 19.

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:WRS:   I had the same problem on my GT14 when I got it. The springs in the acceration valves were shot. It was bad enough that I replaced the whole unit. The Sunstrand manual on this site has a good section on replacing the springs. One of our members named "Refracman" has a contact for the replacement springs. Before you buy the spring you should pull out the old ones and make sure your valves will come out. In my case the valves wouldn't move and new springs would not have helped. I ended up using a unit from a Raider and changed out the output shaft fron the GT14. I posted a tutorial on this site on how to do this. If you do a serch on here about the Sunstrand and Hydrogear you will find a lot of great info.



Good luck and keep us posted.



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Make sure the tow valve is in the right position.

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