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Lift Rod

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A while back someone showed the holes to use on the lift lever. There are a total of 5 holes

and I want to make sure I'm using the right ones. Need to know which hoe to use for the

mower deck and snow blower. I did a search without any luck.TIA

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Thanks CasualObserver, That's the post I was looking for. Now I printed and bookmarked it.

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    • Mattgray
      By Mattgray
      I am looking for a snow plow in the Western NC area, might be a long shot but iv checked marketplace and craigslist. No luck. if anyone has one or knows where I could get one. I believe I need a long frame one for my tractor. Thank you!! sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. One year after owning my wheel horse and still running strong! 
    • TailGate18
      By TailGate18
      Need help please 
      Can't exactly identify my wheelhorse. I believe I've pinned it between 74-79 but not sure exactly. I'm not real knowledged in mowers but interested in learning. It ran few years ago. Then parked in a storage unit for about 3 years with gas left in it. I can't get it to run at all unless using ether.
      I've drained all the old gas, I've replaced the fuel lines, new plug, new gas, but it just won't start up and keep going. I figured on new carb but don't know exactly what I'm looking for and thought I'd better know the exact details of the mower so I know I get the right parts. Any help would be appreciated. The info I do have is as follows.
      The mower itself all I could find was one tag on the frame under the gas tank.
      ID # 61-08K801-05782
      Then under that 4 digits
      Has a Kohler motor info as follows
      Spec- 30538
      Displ (cc)- 305
      Serial #- 2613800539
      It'll crank but not start. Not even attempt to start. With the fuel line off of the fuel pump it shows it pumps fuel. I thought the possibility of the float being stuck in the bowl but again not very knowledged in this field. Would appreciate any insight, details, knowledge, help or anything of the sort. Or info on the information of the tractor so I know exactly what I'm asking questions about
      Says it's a B-80 8 speed
      Thanks in advance

    • nickjet67
      By nickjet67
      Hello all, I recently acquired a "new" B-115, and with the help of @ohiofarmer, I will be fixing her up, first with a engine he is trading me for my old Kohler engine off my '77 B-80 that I trashed when I was 13. I haven't been in the Wheel horse game long, as I am 16 now, I hopefully will be able to keep this project updated on here, especially in the spring when I will be completely repainting it! I am super excited for this project, and am ready for all the challenges that lay ahead with it. if you have any helpful information you are willing to share about my newly acquired project, please share! I haven't had tons of luck finding tons of information about it.

    • nickjet67
      By nickjet67
      Hi, been a while since I been on the forum, but I needed to log on to get some help with my "new" b-115 I picked up for $25! I saw this beauty sitting on the side of the road and I just needed to have it. only issue is it doesn't have a engine and the steering was all discombobulated. Last night I got that all welded up and now I am looking for help, I need to get the Briggs motor that came on it now, I have had 0 luck with finding the right motor for it but I have found almost every part I would need to build one from scratch. They are all over ebay and craigslist (the parts) and would be expensive but nice. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (also am looking for a snow blower and a bagger for it, dont know if the bagger for it exists but would be nice to have.
    • dmhill
      By dmhill
      Does anyone know what drive belt and deck belt I need for the 1980 B 82? Also if anybody had pics of the drive belt installed I would appreciate it.....
      When I picked it up both belts were/are missing. Not entirely sure all the necessary hardware is under there either, however, it seems complete. Thank you in advance.

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