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Super C195 3 point options

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Curious what aftermarket options has anyone done to add the 3 point to the C195?

Seems that the JD 317 style could be a bolt on to the C195s uprights. Some other brands seem similar that might bolt on with some minor modifications. Otherwise I know the D series is a similar setup other than the upper arm and the center point bracket, but it looks to be a fairly simple design to build. 
MF 1855 looks close to WH design.

Case 446 design almost looks identical setup.






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Looks like your loosing sleep over all these 3 point options. 

Best i come pick that C195 up and let you get some rest.

I'm guessing the WH GT14 3 point would also be an option.

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It all depends on how much fabrication you can muster, but just about anything can be made to work. The good thing about "category 0" is that they all have similar dimensions. 

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    • wh315-8
      By wh315-8
      The RJ58 was the big hit for spectators this year at my local festivals here in Carroll County OH. 
      the children loved getting their pictures sitting on it, then they discovered the bicycle horn under the steering wheel. It’s always a joy even in parades. Just love showing off part of my collection every year and hearing all the stories from those that had WH in their lives at one time. Can hardly wait to get to retirement so I can get some of my other models back to their glory in working order and be able to attend other shows/festivals throughout the year. My fellow tractor enthusiasts always know when a spectacular starts asking about WH, they point in my direction. I study up on the history of the different models and always intrigue those that didn’t know much about how WH came to be. This website is one place that has helped me learn so much about the WH history and I thank you for sharing your knowledge that I am able to pass on to keep WH alive and well.

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      I bought a 3 point hitch from someone on Face book but the 3 point hitch lift assembly bearings were not included.
      The are NLA. 
      Does any know a supplier for these or have two they are willing to sell? 
      I looked at McMaster and could not find one with the sizes needed.
      The part# is 8340 in the 3 point hitch diagram below. 
      Thank You.

    • Alex175
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      So after I purchased my C-195 at the end of last year, and got it up and running smooth, I have decided it's time to start putting it to work.  I've had a handful of projects, including another thread on here where I have received a lot of help in figuring out what I need to convert one of my trailers into a hydraulic dump that will be powered off of the tractor.  I am still waiting for my hydraulic cylinder to be deliver, so in the meantime I've been working on some other projects for the tractor I have affectionately nicknamed "Sloth".
      One of my main goals with the C-195 is to get more landscaping done around the property. When I bought my house it was in foreclosure and the previous owner hadn't done much in the way of yard maintenance outside of basic mowing for a few years.  Areas under trees were getting overrun by saplings, especially where the previous homeowner had planted sassafras trees as a sort of privacy fence.  The problem was they had now propagated uncontested and had begun taking over the woods line, and the older trees that had originally been planted for privacy were now so big that all the yearly growth was now at a height of 5+ feet, thereby no longer performing the task they were originally planted for.  
      Knowing cleaning this up was going to be my first task, I needed a way to get these saplings out of the ground with relative ease, and getting roots and all.  So my first purchase was a new 3,000 lb winch that I could mount up to the 3 point to pluck the saplings out of the ground.  The picture on the left is of the initial setup after I first got the winch.  After running it a few times, it did the job fantastically, but I found that I hated the original metal cable. My main issue was I would pluck out one sapling, go to the next one, but by the time I had the spool of remaining cable had loosened itself up and created a birds nest.  That and walking back and forth to the tractor between each pull gave it more opportunity to do so, so I decided on a few upgrades (right picture).  First I switched over to a synthetic rope which doesn't have the "memory" a metal cable has, so it doesn't unspool itself.  While I was doing that I also ordered a wireless remote system for the winch, so now plucking out all the damn sassafras trees I have will be a lot quicker.  Got it all set up where none of the electronics are bolted to the tractor, they are all a part of the hitch setup to keep things cleaner, and the tractor unmolested.  Got a quick disconnect cable running back from the battery, so now it's just a matter of hook up the power, and start pulling!
      While I was working on the winch, I found two CAT 0 attachments on Facebook Marketplace, having had trouble finding much of anything that is CAT 0 so far for this machine I jumped on them, so now I have a good old plow and disc harrow.  They are real nice, heavy duty steel with a good patina, so now the question is, do I clean them up and throw some red and black paint on them, or do I keep them as they are?  Either way, they look real nice on the back of the beast, and I'm sure they will work really well.

      So now I've got these items, and I've got the proper equipment to mount my mower decks and snowblower onto the C-195, I guess it's time to get to work.  But while I am doing that it's also a good time to think of what my next targets are going to be.  I'd love to find a D Series 56" plow, and maybe a grader blade, or....too many options to choose from  
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      Been wanting to figure out a better way to move dead tractors around - some, just isn't cooperative at being towed - the AC 916H is a great example around here. Since the rear axle is a hydro, it does not disengage fully for some reason and the tires are really shot badly. The 16Auto dug some big holes the last time I tried to move it around, so the idea here is to use the D's 3pt lift and it's size/weight advantage to move other dead tractors. I also wanted a toolbar that could have adapters added for various tasks - such as cultivators, tines, rear blade, ect. I've wanted to build a wrecker for years, just never had the time to do it - this year, I decided I've had enough of my aching back and legs - this needs to get done before I end up in the hospital. Always seems there is no help available when I need it, so now is the time - here is where I'm at as of now...




      All built from 1/4" thick iron, except the hub mounting plate which 1/2" thick A50 steel. Trailer hub/stub shaft is a 1750lb rated unit. In hindsight, if I ever did it again I'd use a heavier DOM tubing and just turn it to accept bearing races, make the shaft on the lathe and be done with it. Not to mention, I could control the thickness of the assembly a lot better. There are "rear tire carrier builder" parts available out there to do just that with pre-built tubing, the correct bearings and shaft - you just weld it into the square tubing of choice. Still a lot to do - need to make a set of centering springs, locking pins (for toolbar use), tire carrier arms w/tie-down rings, rear blade adapters, ect....
      Just thought I'd share a bit - need to some lift testing today, hopefully.
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