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Ramblings about video's and making them.

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A stupid guide to green screening.

Howdo all, yep that time has come for another blog entry, something that's a bit of fun.. Green Screening. For those of you that are wondering what Green Screening (also known as Chroma keying) is, it's a simple technique for making you appear somewhere your not on video. Anyone who has seen a weather forecast or a new's show on TV will have seen green screening in action... Or not as you can't see the green screen once the editing has been done.. Anyway, here's what a green screen




Welcome to my Blog.

Howdo all, welcome to my first blog.. Of any kind as it happens. Hopefully I can get it right As you may of guessed from the blog title, it's all about video making. Something I love doing if you hadn't guessed already.. Over time I will post up all sorts of (hopefully) interesting video making ramblings such as editing software, which cameras I use and other equipment. Hints and tips, that sort of thing. I hope this blog will inspire some of you to make videos, and have fun doing so..



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