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Welcome to my Blog.



Howdo all, welcome to my first blog.. Of any kind as it happens. Hopefully I can get it right :lol:

As you may of guessed from the blog title, it's all about video making. Something I love doing if you hadn't guessed already..

Over time I will post up all sorts of (hopefully) interesting video making ramblings such as editing software, which cameras I use and other equipment. Hints and tips, that sort of thing.

I hope this blog will inspire some of you to make videos, and have fun doing so.. Of course the opposite is possible :D

So other than introducing you all to my blog, what else will I be putting in this first entry?

Well, as it happens I need your help...

I'm working on a video series all about promoting RedSquare and RedSquare members videos :D

No hint's on what it is called yet, I hope all of you like it when it hit's a computer screen near you..

So what do I need help with?

Video's of course..

If you think promoting RedSquare and your video's is your sort of thing please submit me your videos.. Full credit will be given for the video clips of course :handgestures-thumbup:

You can post your video links here, or PM them to me if you want.

I will be adding a "RedSquare members videos" section to my YouTube channel where people can click on your vid and be taken straight to your video page.

The bad news is your videos MUST be on YouTube so I can use in-video click-able links. YouTube won't allow "non YT" in-video links! I may be able to find away around this in the future, but for now YT video's only.

Will this idea work out? I hope so. But for it to work I need your video's so get submitting Guy's :handgestures-thumbup:

It's going to interesting for me as this will be the first time I've played a "presenting" roll.... Should be fun :text-lol:

It will be a couple of weeks until the first episode is ready as I'm waiting for a bit of equipment to arrive which will make filming more fun.. And is the only way for me to get the "look/feel" I want in these vid's.

By the way I'm looking for 3 or 4 video clips to finish off the opening title sequence I have created, so get submitting and I might pick yours :D

I will of course try and keep you all update on how the project is going and get some other blog entries up here very soon..

But for now that's all.

So long and thanks for all the fish.... I've always wanted to finish something off using that line :D

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I don't have any video's to share, but am REALLY looking forward to seeing it unfold!

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I don't have any video's to share, but am REALLY looking forward to seeing it unfold!


Thanks Karl, so am I..




Neat! Look forward to it :)


Neat! Look forward to it :)


Me too Mark.

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