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Christmas Day Storm with FEL

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Didn’t get to swap the loader out for the 44” 2-stage snowblower and cab on the 520-H before the Christmas Day storm. I had the engine out to redo the top end (decarbon, clean and reseat valves, New gaskets, New fuel pump, tubing, filter, plugs and properly seat camshaft Welch plug) so no time to switch over before storm. It’s just another excuse to use the loader! Merry Christmas everyone🌲🎅🏻


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Did I mention how excited I was when I took off the heads and the valve seats were all intact and seated solidly?!? Whew! 👍😂

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Used my loader to move some snow a couple weeks ago and played with it Saturday.  Can't wait for good weather.



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I'm sure glad I don't have one of those darn ol loaders. They don't seem like they would be good  for a person.......I be so stuck in the seat you'd never get me off of it

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21 hours ago, oliver2-44 said:

I'm sure glad I don't have one of those darn ok loaders. They don't seem like they would be good  for a person.......I be so stuck in the dead you'd never get me off of it

Yea you don't want one... if you do get one just call me and I will come get it out of your way lol. I haven't been on it much. Just got it mounted before Christmas 

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    • By sportscarclinic
      A year or two back I purchased this with a Bolens 1886 and a GT10. I don't know anything about Bolens tractors, I own three Kubotas. I thought that I would modify the loader to fit a B6000 that I own, so my son would have a small tractor to 'work' with me. It's also large enough to squeeze onto my B7100, and the specs compare to the B1630. But I had second thoughts once I discovered how rare it is to find one in this condition that is purpose built to fit a Bolens.

      The loader and tractors were in a barn under cover, so apart from expected surface rust, everything was in great condition. I sold the tractors, but kept the loader. The loader is missing the four front pins and the lower mounting beam that I know of.  There might be other parts required for mounting to the Bolens and another tractor.  I'm including the manual which has good drawings and lists all the parts in case something needs to be fabricated. 

      The loader is a Workhorse Model 14 (nearly the same as Model 24). The specifications are posted on the booklet photo. It has v-belt driven pump that turns and feels like it's still pulling/pushing fluid, but I haven't tested it. The hydraulic lines were full of clear fluid, and all the cylinders are fully functional and tight. I had my son work the spool valve so that I could push/pull the cylinders, and they moved with difficulty like I would expect, but smoothly without any binding.  No obvious signs of any leaks on the spool valve or at the cylinder seals, or hoses. However, I did notice one pin hole leak in one of the steel hydraulic lines on running across the support above the bucket when I worked one of the bucket cylinders. Other than that, the hoses actually look pretty good, although there are a couple of gashes in the rubber covering here and there. The pins on the lift cylinders hardly show much wear at all, and all pin bores are concentric and tight.  I think it's safe to say the loader wasn't used much. The bucket has a high carbon cutting edge that shows very little wear.  The bucket was primed when I got it, and it does have a bit of rust scale and shows pitting through the primer from where scale was removed before priming. It's still rings really solid. Spool valve operates as expected and I had to have my son operate it so I could push the cylinders in and out the take the pictures. The cylinder rods are in great shape, no evidence of rust or wear in the seal travel zone on any of them. There is some surface rust outside on the ends near the pins as shown in the pictures. The loader frame looks rusted, but this is nothing but surface rust, it's obviously made of good quality steel.

      I'd like $1500 for the loader as shown with the manual.  I have many additional photos, but the site limits the number I can post here.  I'll likely post the loader to other sites, and advertise locally as well. I should be able to ship the loader on a pallet to your locale Fastenal, for $125-200 depending on your location. Or, you are very welcome to come to Portland, OR and pick it up in person. conrad503(AT)gmail(dot)com is my email address, and that's the best way to contact me.

    • By JNMULL
      Good morning, I have been a long time reader, but a first time poster. 
      I have a 1988 Wheel Horse 520HC Tractor.  Does not charge, and I have to assume that it is due to the fuse at the front of the engine being blown.  However if I replace the fuse that is located at the front of the engine, the wire at the voltage regulator will get hot, start to smoke as it melts the wires insulation.
      I have not started testing anything yet, as I just have stumbled upon this issue and was wondering if anyone else has had the same style of problem and what kind of repair did you have to perform.
    • By Frank The Tank
      I just found out, after destroying a new belt that I need a special mule drive for my 60 inch deck. 
              I bought a 520H with a 60 in deck this year. I just taught myself how to weld and fixed the height selector. At least I have that going for me. 
          After a little research I found that I need the special mule drive.... 
        Does anyone have one?
    • By chucksterock
      I am looking for the gear reduction steering assembly from a 520.  Need at least the upper and lower shafts, mounting pedestal and fasteners and front bearing.  Willing to consider package deals to include front swept axle and big spindles and tie rods too.
      Located in north eastern Ohio.