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Plow Identification

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I recently purchased this plow, but have not picked it up.


Is this an authentic wheel horse Plow?


How do I determine a model or a size?


How does a coulter attach?


Pics of one all fixed up?



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Looks like an 8" Horsie plow to me. :)


Plow was actually made by Brinly



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Well darn!


It doesn't look like my coulter is the correct one for my plow.


Thank you for the links!





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Coulter just gets in the way! Plow away! :banana-dreads: :banana-blonde: :banana-linedance:



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    • By Wanabeafarmer
      Good running horse, strong hydro. K341 Kohler runs perfect. Sleeve hitch. 
      Has single row planter, front blade, rear cultivator, mid mount cultivator, rear blade( home made, the mount I believe is for an adjustable furrow?)   Crate of different cultivator tines 
      She's a good tractor, I just don't have time to finish it right, make a good tractor for someone.  

    • By WHX20
      48" Plow/dozer blade for sale. Fits most long or short frame tractors WITHOUT swept front axle. Would need extension kit 81640 for a swept axle. Excellent shape. Includes axle mountng bracket. Will be willing to deliver if along my route to 2018 WHCC show. May consider trade for ??

    • By Wanabeafarmer
      So i really dont want to let her go but its time, 1966 1076 mod# t-1076 ser#214242 runs really good, charging system is good, its a k341 motor, hydro pulls good,  sleeve hitch
      For the asking price will come with one bottom plow, mid mount cultivator, rear cultivator, push blade, rear blade , few sets of cultivator teeth.  PS: The planter may be spoken for already I am waiting to hear back on it. 
      Thanks for looking.

    • By charging10
      Still a little chilly, but a good day to plow!

    • By Decker4
      Previously had this listed with a wagon. Sold the wagon and dropped the price. 
      1984 Wheel Horse C-195 black hood edition
      19.5 hp twin Kohler engine
      3 point hitch (NO rear PTO)
      60" heavy plow
      51" mower deck (That's without the guide chute attached; not sure if that's considered 60". )
      36" Snow thrower
      original owners manual
      Wheel weights (Tires are also filled, gel I think)
      Chains on front tires and parts for chains on the rear (rear chains in picture are not available)
      An assortment of other part, including heavy bar for the snow thrower, a pull chair, spare oil filter, etc.
      The tractor starts and runs well. It has some cosmetic issues but not what I would call damage. It's big, powerful, and a lot of fun. 
      It starts, but the current battery is undersized, so while it starts fine in the summer, I've been using my truck to jump it in the winter. The easy solution is battery with more cold cranking Amps.
      The mower deck has been redone with some welding (heavy duty steel) where it rusted through. The center guide wheel it missing.
      The snow thrower works, but is currently missing a link on the chain, and the sprockets are worn.