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I'm looking for a rear axle for my 520h.  Anybody have one?  I have a loader on the tractor and this is the second time I broke the axle.  I would consider a complete rear end.

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I ahve a pair....10 and 13" .  Which do you need?

520h ax (5).JPG

520h ax (4).JPG

520h ax (2).JPG

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:WRS:           As this is the second axle you have broken it begs the question as to why they are going bad. Do you have dual rear wheels? If you do, the air pressure in the outer tires should be run very low to reduce the load on the axles. With a loader the more weight you can attach to the wheels the less strain the axles will feel. If you have a weight box loaded up and drive over uneven ground that can put a lot of load on the axle too.

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    • By elliot ness
       Cleaned up another old Simpsom loader laying around and mounted it on a 520H . I think it came out looking good. I have had at least 6 of these Simpson loader and I think they are great. all new fittings and hoses and stripped to bare metal, and painted, 125 lbs. of rear wts on each wheel, need to clean up bucket yet. It lift at least 7 ft. Love the 520's for loader tractors, easy steering and plenty of power.

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      520H is dead. Things I've tested so far. I've jumped a wire from + battery to blue wire on starter. It cranks over good. I cleaned safety switches, starter, ignition connections. I notice if I jiggle or slowly turn key the lighted board will come on. A couple of times the tachometer reset itself.
       the lights will not turn on. Is it possibly the ignition switch?

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      I'm looking for a 42" rear discharge deck for my 300 series.  Looking for something that's in decent shape for $200.  Would pickup in MA, southern NH, or southern ME.
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      Parts lot from my project horse.  All parts are off a 308-8. Rear wheels were painted about 2 years ago, Carlisle tru power 23 8.50-12 tires 2 years old.  Front wheels were painted and new stens bearings installed last winter and tires at the same time, Carlisle turf saver II 16 6.50-8.  Rest of the parts are original in good condition.  I have an axle pin but it's worn pretty bad and the keeper plate is broke off.  I'll include it but you will need another one more than likely.  PM me on here if interested.  I can make a package deal for everything.  I can ship for actual cost.  Thanks.
      Rear wheels/tires- $250
      Front wheels/tires- $150 SOLD!!
      Axle with spindles- $30 SOLD!!
      Tie Rods- $20 SOLD!!
      Steering shafts- $30