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Air compressor questions, advice?

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We run the air system regulated to 110psi max . When setting up the full chord of horns (they are indeed off Trains , he has railroad friends) we tested them at the shop's 150psi line pressure . No one could hear for the rest of that afternoon - they are indeed deafening . Hitting Western Avenue in Chicago at 7am with those things certainly gets the neighborhood awake and they all come out in droves - the kids love it . The organization to pull this thing off every year is amazing - it takes an army of volunteers just to block off the side streets as the tiers move through the city - looks like total chaos but it is a well tuned event . I've seen well over 30k of them show up in weather below zero at the kickoff time , and even when it's snowing they show up from all over the country . The USMC Reserve does such an amazing job at getting this to work it really tugs at your heart - the bikers have no problem helping out either and have a great time doing it , despite the bitter cold and fighting their bikes that aren't built to run in this weather .


I haven't attended in quite a few years since I got hurt - my legs just can't stand the cold that well anymore and it's quite a job getting the thing up there and doing all the prep work for the parade . I do miss it , though...



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Here's how I keep water out of my tools. Take off goes up in a riser and back down:




Out let goes out on the side and then up:




Drain on the bottom:





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Basically , the same way I set my drops up in the shop - amazing how much water they can collect . I'm tempted to hook up a hose to all of them and route it outside to I don't have to use a can to drain them as I don't want that water in the shop near any machinery . I've had some bad rust issues in the past since everything is in a basement so all the machinery is basically very well oiled down - especially the old Enco lathe .



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