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  1. Sarge

    Favorite hand tools/brands

    I don't use a MIG welder, but I do have a MIller Dynasty 200DX AC/DC stick/tig welder. This is an industrial machine and they are quite expensive. In Germany, you may want to look at the Fronius offerings - they are a top quality brand and starting to come into the US more often. The whole thing is being able to weld aluminum - you'll need AC with high frequency options and it requires a lot more welding power than performing DC steel work. At 5mm, that will take 170-180 amps of welding current. Be careful buying a really cheap welder, some are ok but this is one thing you don't want to have to replace when you burn it up. The saying here is - "buy once, cry once". Fronius, Miller, AHP, Everlast are all good brands here, you'll have to research what is best for your location. Sarge
  2. The D has it's blade on - good enough for being prepared. Still mowing like crazy and we're getting hit with a lot of fall rains, lots of flooding as well. Got stuck onto a job an hour away until Christmas or so, working 6/10hr days no matter the weather - low 80*'s tomorrow, highs in the 40*'s by the end of the week, lovely. Already got the truck loaded with all my winter gear, will be testing the new Rocky boots I bought last year quite a lot, I'm sure. Hopefully, I'll finish this one with all my digits still intact. Sarge
  3. Sarge

    Micro Torch

    Go hunt up a Roburn from Menard's or other places, around $30 and I use them quite often for small jobs like today's silver solder task. Good sized tank, reasonably priced and the ignitor actually works very well compared to most. Nice adjustable flame and reliable, tough to beat that... Sarge
  4. Sarge

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I had been using flap wheels but recently switched to the 3/16" thick 4.5" Ceramic fast cutting wheels from CGW (Camel Grinding Wheel) - they cut extremely fast and don't build up nearly as much heat on the heat-treated blade steel. That's a really cheap price on that Foley sharpener - if the stone is still good I'd already own it. Sarge
  5. Sarge

    3pt Wrecker attachment

    Got enough of the assembly finished to do some more testing - picked up and moved a dead AC916H and tow it around the block. So far so good, nothing bending and the D handles the added stress just fine. I will have to make up a front weight to act as a counterbalance, front end did start to slide at one point when going uphill. Here's a decent view of the wedges and arms and how they work. I would have preferred to have a pivot point to make it easier to initially hook the assembly up, but it does work fine and isn't an issue with clearing the old Allis' bent-up deck. That 916H is quite heavy, but it is a full-on garden capable GT. Flat tires and all - no problem, the D just drags it around like it's not even back there. One thing I'd love to modify/add - a hydraulic top link but that will require another spool valve, which I'd like to add a twin one and front/rear ports anyway. Sarge
  6. Sarge

    Sundstrand O rings

    Excellent info Paul, we need a lot more stuff like this to help others clarify the parts on not only the D series, but all of the machines with Sundstrand units. These systems were built 40 miles from where I lived, sure wish years ago I had enough forethought to go speak with their engineers and try to learn more from them as well as inquire about any manuals. They are still in business and producing many of the parts we need, sources like LJ Fluid Power in Michigan are a goldmine of knowledge and keep most of what is needed in stock. McMaster-Carr has been my source for a lot of odd hardware, materials, and parts for years. If I order before 6pm, parts are here the next morning out of Chicago's warehouse, awesome. Sarge
  7. I'd reserve that experiment for Teccy's, but then again I have owned some excellent running examples. Just be aware, that K-341 is somewhere around 145lbs of spine-wrecking cast iron. I'd love to know the real weight of the K-482, when I picked that one up with the engine hoist the front end came up almost a 1-1/4" higher. At one time I'd just grab the dumb things and walk off with them, but those days are long gone now. Sarge
  8. Sarge

    Electric Fuel Pump Issues

    Excellent prices will be putting a couple on the shelf for spares - thanks Paul. Sarge
  9. Keep your eyes open on local sales listings - a lot of folks buy engine hoists for a one-time job and sell them at less than half the cost of new, paid $75 for mine in great condition. I prefer the 6 castor model that can fold up to minimize it's footprint when in storage. Keep in mind that whatever you want to do for a lifting device it's not necessary that it moves or rolls around - the tractor, once the engine is removed will be easy enough to roll out of the way. You already have access to a lift that could more than do the job - that crane truck you drive at work could toss that Kohler like a football.... Sarge
  10. Sarge

    Questions for D owners

    If it's holding for now - leave it alone as most were never engaged very far into those splines from the factory. Just be aware that it can blow it out suddenly, so I'd keep it close to home since moving a dead D is quite a job. Easiest way to work on that area is to remove or shove the engine forward unless you have the rear pto system. Pulling that pump out of there is absolutely no fun at all, even though I've turned wrenches professionally for years it was a struggle just due to the design of the machine. That said, if you have enough experience in mechanical parts and some local help from shops the job overall can be done. If I ever get enough time I'd like to re-visit this issue and find a better solution to stop so many D's being parted out due to that coupling design fault. That Kohler K series twin opposed engine generates a tremendous amount of torque - far more than that little cast coupling is capable of handling. The whine is normal - you're pushing those piston blocks in a bad way at lower rpm's - hydro systems need full rpm's to make power efficiently. The noise is a warning to knock it off before it becomes damaged. Sarge
  11. Sarge

    Another Horse Hauler?

    We had an old square body full-size Blazer at the shop - used it to move trailers and such around a lot and other pulling chores. Tried to pull start a semi one day with it - when the strap took up the slop the body kept going while the chassis came to a stop - that was the end of that one. Took 2 of us about an hour to remove it's outer carcass barehanded, wow. Sarge
  12. Sarge

    Last Winter's Project

    Hunt around for a good used Weber 38DGAS - then be prepared to rebuild the transmission. Last one I did on a Fiat was pure evil to drive, lol. Sarge
  13. Sarge

    Quality electric motor brands?

    I've been doing a ton of research about this whole thing - the older Dayton that I had swapped on there to get away from the stock 3ph unit turns out to be a very heavy severe duty motor - which is nearly impossible to find now. One of the only ones I can find with cast end bells is the WEG, and it's made in Brazil. I hate how the old, stable companies that made good products in this country have been bought up and destroyed by sending the manufacturing overseas - profit isn't everything if you lose your reputation and folks are getting sick of it. I totally agree about using an older motor that has had a quality rebuild done on it - just been checking around and seeing who is the most reliable and has a good track record. If you folks know of a shop that does high-quality work and can offer a warranty (plus, ugh - ship it) let me know. I hate not having my air system - sort of lost around here without it. The old Speedaire pump is fine - tested her out with a smaller motor and no issues at all, but that 3hp was struggling horribly. If I have to go with new, it will probably require going to a 7.5hp severe duty to get something of an equivalent to the old Dayton. I missed out on a very nice, old GE with low hours, bummed about that one...ugh. Sarge
  14. Be really careful with the included press plates from HF - they can shatter or break. Look into the set from http://www.swagoffroad.com/SWAG-Arbor-Plates_c_52.html - very well made. I sourced my own from a steel scrap yard - found a large chunk of 1-1/4" plate steel that is A-50 grade, more than handles my 30 ton Carolina press. Sarge
  15. One real important tip - unless you want an immeasurable amount of misery, watch what you're doing with that plow. One good, hard shock load against that pump coupling and it may blow the splines out, which results in a lot of money/time/aggravation. Sarge