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  1. Rule of my garage. Check,recheck and check again. Drive around the yard a few times. Storm hits. You get a flat, some bolt comes off on the plow, piece of dirt gets into the fuel system or a belt shreds.
  2. squonk

    Hillbilly Snow Gauge

    After the Superstorm in 93 I remember driving down a highway with snow piled like that.
  3. squonk

    Electric lift for dozer blade

    Eric, a lot of the newer beds are hydraulically lifted using a large DC motor powering a pump and the fluid direction controlled by servos.
  4. Last I saw for me was 18-24"
  5. squonk


    My niece's garage is like that. I had to go there right before Christmas because of an electrical issue. Panel box was not only buried, We had to clear a path to even walk to it.
  6. squonk

    US General Toolboxes at HF

    I was in HF Last week. The boxes are getting better and better. I have one of the earlier carts. Very nice!
  7. squonk

    What's this fit?

    200 series vertical shaft WheelHorse
  8. squonk

    Hydro trans fluid?

    A 77 C-160 should have motor oil in the trans unless someone previous did some swapping.
  9. My favorite Pageant of Steam show of all time. Historical construction equipment was the feature. I sat there for hours watching!
  10. Hey 57 Chevy haircuts were still in style in 63! I still remember opening that headlight and finding the rotted Ray O Vac batteries!
  11. Here is a pic of the bike I used to make the Monster Buzz Bike with my brother on it. About 1963. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the finished product. The 2nd pic has my first tractor in it!
  12. squonk

    C-125 Fluids

    I run synthetic 90 in my head drive Horsies.
  13. squonk

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs at the Masonic Lodge twice a month.