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  1. squonk

    704 Rebuild

    I think I have another bell kicking around here somewhere. PM me your address and if I find it I'll send it to ya!
  2. squonk

    704 Rebuild

    Good Lord! 40? Better throw some more wood on the fire. I got the bell on my 857 now. I need it to get the geezers out of my way at the Steam Pageant.
  3. squonk

    704 Rebuild

    @clueless How you been by the way?
  4. Plan on fixing 1 breaking / falling off the first time out.
  5. squonk

    704 Rebuild

    I redid this 704. Now an absolutely clueless person in Florida has it.
  6. squonk

    Finally Some Snow!

    There's a van under there somewhere!
  7. squonk

    Putting on a snowblower

    The biggest thing with the holes is the torque available to lift the blower. It takes more lifting power in the 2 nd hole. but with hyd lift you don't notice it. You would with the Armstrong lift system. I tried the 2nd hole with the spring assist and it was a bear to lift but the correct hole was way easier.
  8. squonk

    Think it will work?

    UPDATE:!!!!! Well I had to press the Power King into duty earlier than I planned on. A foot of concrete snow was a bit much for HHHOOOWWWAAARRRDDD!!! to handle and I haven't had time to mount the blower on the C160. This blade worked great. pushed and piled like crazy with no bending of the pins. Yes snow got behind the blade but it's in it's early stages.
  9. squonk

    Finally Some Snow!

    I'm on a 2 hr. delay so I won't have to wake the neighborhood up until at least 6 I used to like plowing but my arthritis and blood thinners stopped that crazy notion
  10. squonk

    Chains vs Brains

    Do some burnouts in the garage and then they will fit!
  11. Hey, Eric killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Headlights and reverse lights!
  12. squonk

    C160 just went dead... quick thoughts?

    Clean the ammeter connections!!! I’ve seen it more than once!’ sent from my I phone in a kitchen waiting for toggle bolts.
  13. squonk


    I can burn up a Tecky in a half hour!
  14. squonk

    Draining the new battery

    Get yourself a 12 Volt test light. Unhook you negative cable and attach the test light between the negative post and the cable. If there is a draw the test light will glow. Unplug things one at a time like your regulator,lights,cig lighter if there ect. When you unplug the source of your draw the light will go out.