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need some help hooking up a tiller. I just bought a 69' model 1-6241 raider 12 and a tiller separate from another seller. I have the tiller mounted, but have trouble with the belt and Pulleys... or lack there of pulleys. 

here is where I'm currently stuck



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Your tiller is for a later model using one belt. You can get the idler you need here https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/tiller.html

Tillers for that model year utilized a two belt set-up with another idler mounted just in front of the transmission. It used a different axle bracket with the flat idler mounted on it. The newer style just used the idler that Lowell sells and just one belt and the flat idler is on the tiller bracket like yours. I adapted the older style to use the one belt and I see no reason you can't go the other way. I just don't know about the clearance with that type of tach-a-matic mid-mount and the pulley on there. I think you'll be OK. :)

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Here's the original for your tractor.

Here's the style of tiller you have.

You can see that it's a straight forward conversion. The belt drive set-up on the newer style is much better than the old 2 belt set-up. :)

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