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The input shaft spins at up to 3600 rpm...the outputs (axles) spin at what less than 100 rpm??  The second tranny output would have to be timed in revolutions per hour.

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:WRS:        Are you attempting to make a double drive axle rear end set up?   May want to consider coming off each rear axle with chains and sprockets to drive the second set of wheels.   :twocents-02cents:

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I would think a # 50 chain would be appropriate to drive the second wheel.

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Posted (edited)

Here is a little conceptual sketch of the set up, it is not articulated from side to side but is from front to rear. You would want to limit the front to rear travel range to keep the chain tension at all times. If you wanted to have full time 4 wheel drive you could use a single axle shaft at the back, but I doubt that it would corner very well.



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