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Just wanted to give a public thank you to Lincoln at A-Z Tractors for sending me some quality used parts for my 1994 314h and 1991 520h!

Parts list...


520h- Paring brake lever, hood latch, air cleaner sensor and rear 1-1/8" hub


314h- Fuel tank, 2x headlights, steering collar and steering wheel

 All parts arrived with quick shipping as well as packed very well and all were quality products!

 Thanks a bunch sir! Will be coming to you for future purchases as well.

 God Bless you and yours!

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A-Z will also be delivering to the Big Show next month, though I don't know if he has any more room on the truck after filling my order!  :ychain:

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I ordered a choke cable from him for my 416-8 and the prices were good, the shipping was fast, and the item was great.  A great vendor in my opinion.

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A-Z shipments are timely and great. Got my steering spindles and tie rods today!

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      Being that there isn't any type of seller shoutout or seller recognition board, I wanted to mention it still.
       Thanks to: (In no particular order)
      - Lincoln at A-Ztractors (odds and ends parts and all around nice guy!)
      - Kelly Holister (WH enthusiast and used parts seller here in Michigan)
      - Lowell the Wheelhorseman1000 (great hitch and WH info)
      - Carl in Swonton, OH. (not on the internet as he is one of those elderly types that does just fine without it. Super nice guy and used parts seller)
      And Last but not least
      - Paul (aka: oldredrider) for sending me a very nice Rock Shaft and installation parts for a great price!

       You all have helped me get my tractors running and refurbished to use and soon restore. Without people like you all this great hobby would vanish along with these tractors that we all like and use.