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Just wanted to give a public thank you to Lincoln at A-Z Tractors for sending me some quality used parts for my 1994 314h and 1991 520h!

Parts list...


520h- Paring brake lever, hood latch, air cleaner sensor and rear 1-1/8" hub


314h- Fuel tank, 2x headlights, steering collar and steering wheel

 All parts arrived with quick shipping as well as packed very well and all were quality products!

 Thanks a bunch sir! Will be coming to you for future purchases as well.

 God Bless you and yours!

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A-Z will also be delivering to the Big Show next month, though I don't know if he has any more room on the truck after filling my order!  :ychain:

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I ordered a choke cable from him for my 416-8 and the prices were good, the shipping was fast, and the item was great.  A great vendor in my opinion.

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A-Z shipments are timely and great. Got my steering spindles and tie rods today!

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Nice! I will be placing more orders with him that's for sure.

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    • By Mastiffman
      Being that there isn't any type of seller shoutout or seller recognition board, I wanted to mention it still.
       Thanks to: (In no particular order)
      - Lincoln at A-Ztractors (odds and ends parts and all around nice guy!)
      - Kelly Holister (WH enthusiast and used parts seller here in Michigan)
      - Lowell the Wheelhorseman1000 (great hitch and WH info)
      - Carl in Swonton, OH. (not on the internet as he is one of those elderly types that does just fine without it. Super nice guy and used parts seller)
      And Last but not least
      - Paul (aka: oldredrider) for sending me a very nice Rock Shaft and installation parts for a great price!

       You all have helped me get my tractors running and refurbished to use and soon restore. Without people like you all this great hobby would vanish along with these tractors that we all like and use.
    • By Sandman330
      Hi, I am new to the Wheel Horse "family" and in need of parts dealer . I have a leaking fuel tank on my 520-H. I have found a couple on ebay but that makes me nervous. Would like to find a goods parts place I can trust. Also does anyone here know where I can find a manual for a 520-H. I have soooo many Questions lol.
    • By Mastiffman
      Hey Fellas.
       Got a great deal on an almost complete front end off of 520h to go my 312-8. Everything is in really good condition. A tiny bit of play but not really bad at all. Nothing like my 90' 520h had on it before I replaced the spindles.
       I fabricated myself a plow extension kit last week before installing the front end today. I was sold the axle, spindles, good tie rods, lower steering shaft, lower steering support on both ends (front and steering tower areas) as well as the set of 8" rims with all working order hardware. I slap a new set of 16" x 7.5 -8" rubber on the rims, repacked the bearings and spindle thrust bearings and lubed everything after each piece was installed and still on the jack stands. Just have to pick up the tied rod washers and adjust the tie rod lengths and she'll be in fully operational order. Only thing left will be to build a new angle adjust handle for the plow and I'll be done.  
       Figured I'd offer up some progress photos. Enjoy!

      Pre install... (excuse the clutter still working on that. Summer time will get er done!) 

      New (used) axle, spindles and rims with all hardware. Pre tire removal. Was letting the soapy water sit on the beads for a few before replacement. Makes a world of difference. Really lets the tires slide right off the rims and the bead breaks with ease after only a couple of minutes of sitting with this solution on it. Dawn dish soap! Gotta Love it!

      New Rubber on... Will refinish the rims this summer. And I will be breaking the bead and using paper to cover the tires. No more painting rims with the tires off. ha ha.

      Pulled the old 312-8 tie rods with a 1/2" OE wrench at the top of tie rod end and 9/16" wrench on the bottom.

      Pulled the 1/2" Retaining bolt for the axle pin and plate assy. as well as the C-clip for it form the front.

      Dropped the whole front end out of the tractor at this point. Didn't even take the rims off. Trying to keep time down.

      Pulled the battery and steering column pin and lifted the steering wheel shaft out of the way to get the lower column support.

      Removed the two 9/16" bolts/nuts for the steering wheel shaft and lower steering shaft support and pulled that out. Interesting that WH moved to a threaded cotter pin locked nut later in years on the lower steering shaft from just the cotter pin and washers on the 520h that I have.

      Pulled the two 9/16" bolts and nuts from the front lower steering shaft support. At this point the lower steering shaft assy. was completely free but I also had to take and extra step and remove one side of the mid tach-matic support assy. which allowed me to slip the lock and pin mechanism out so that the lower steering assy could pass by it. Also had to lift the tractor up a bit more for clearance of that stuff as I had to pull it down and to the rear to remove and install it. Didn't photograph that. But you can see the parts that need to be removed in the picture below. I just loosened the three 9/16" bolts on the top, right hand side of the photo.

      Old 312-8 Lower Steering Shaft assy with shorter tie rod mount plate next the swept axle's lower shaft assy. and the beefier tie rods. Big difference in placement. Could weld a plate I guess to the bottom of the old style with the right measurements and angle. For anyone that wants to take this route, let me know and I'll get the right dimensions with a sketch up of it all.

    • By Joe V.
      Custom Quality Wheel Horse Extended Frame Grader.  Have all parts down to the decals, just needs assembled.  Engine and 8-Speed Tranny is GOOD.   I build nothing but quality stuff.
      This is a ‘What if Wheel Horse made a Grader’ project with an underbelly blade.  Frame is extended 11” along with the steering.   Paint is fresh but has dust and dirt from sitting.  Brand new Tires.
      Included is:  Several Grader Blades and frame, Cultivar, another set of Rear Tires and Rims, new dash & engine decals, Wheel Weights, new control Cables and all the parts needed to complete along with a bunch of extras.  $750
      Other Parts for sale separately:  4-Speed Parts Transmission (has a chewed axle shaft where the wheel hub mounts), Custom Front Bumper, Nice Hood.
         I can send pictures.
      I have other stuff as well for sale.   A custom made tow-able water pump for garden tractor with brand new motor and pump.
      Buy the Tractor Project or the Parts or all of it!  I can deliver this to you within reason but shipping is difficult.  If you want me to finish it out for you, let’s talk!

    • By 67-877
      1969 GT14. Runs great, has rebuilt carb, new battery, new lift hose, inner wheel weights, engine and trans just serviced, 42" blade, 12" 3 point plow, 3 point hitch, deck, package deal with a raider 12 someone started to put a 14hp into and never finished. Head is currently off to put thread insert in plug hole, have new head gasket. I've never heard it run but it's supposed to. Also has deck.