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520H with Hiller Attachment

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Just of quick pic of my 520 getting ready to hill disc the garden.

520H with hiller attatched.jpg

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    • By JNMULL
      Good morning, I have been a long time reader, but a first time poster. 
      I have a 1988 Wheel Horse 520HC Tractor.  Does not charge, and I have to assume that it is due to the fuse at the front of the engine being blown.  However if I replace the fuse that is located at the front of the engine, the wire at the voltage regulator will get hot, start to smoke as it melts the wires insulation.
      I have not started testing anything yet, as I just have stumbled upon this issue and was wondering if anyone else has had the same style of problem and what kind of repair did you have to perform.
    • By Frank The Tank
      I just found out, after destroying a new belt that I need a special mule drive for my 60 inch deck. 
              I bought a 520H with a 60 in deck this year. I just taught myself how to weld and fixed the height selector. At least I have that going for me. 
          After a little research I found that I need the special mule drive.... 
        Does anyone have one?
    • By WHX19
      48" Plow/dozer blade for sale. Fits most long or short frame tractors WITHOUT swept front axle. Would need extension kit 81640 for a swept axle. Excellent shape. Includes axle mountng bracket. Will be willing to deliver if along my route to 2018 WHCC show. May consider trade for ??

    • By Wanabeafarmer
      So i really dont want to let her go but its time, 1966 1076 mod# t-1076 ser#214242 runs really good, charging system is good, its a k341 motor, hydro pulls good,  sleeve hitch
      For the asking price will come with one bottom plow, mid mount cultivator, rear cultivator, push blade, rear blade , few sets of cultivator teeth.  PS: The planter may be spoken for already I am waiting to hear back on it. 
      Thanks for looking.

    • By chucksterock
      I am looking for the gear reduction steering assembly from a 520.  Need at least the upper and lower shafts, mounting pedestal and fasteners and front bearing.  Willing to consider package deals to include front swept axle and big spindles and tie rods too.
      Located in north eastern Ohio.