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I'm thinking of mounting farmall cub headlights (the thin looking ones) to my 753. I know they're not original wheel horse obviously and I'm usually a stickler with that type of deal but I think they would look good. Is this a bad idea in you're guys' opinion?

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What ever you are happy with....It is your tractor, so whatever turns your crank...Just make sure you send us pictures!

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Thinking of fabbing up some kind of light bar to mount 'em to?     :techie-eureka:

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The cub ones, Craig. And I will KC9KAS! I figured it out. I put a few up of her in her original state. I've since put new tires on her, repainted the wheel horse and Kohler letters back to white and added a snow blade. I'll have pics up tomorrow if I can get the lights on! I was just making sure it wasn't too frowned upon. Cuz I really think they look AWESOME:) you guys can tell me what you think.

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