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As requested: Drawing of Foot Pedal

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SteveBo had been looking for a pedal for the Sickle Bar Mower on his RJ. I had one so he came over and we copied mine and made one up. A few others saw the post and PM'd me asking for dimensions. Well here it is. The pedal is made up of the two parts on the left and are welded together. The three drawings on the right show the part as assembled. To make sure you weld the parts together correctly, imagine the assembled part in the upper right corner is sitting in the bottom of a bowl. The other two views are if you slid the part up the side of the bowl if you get what I mean. If your not sure you can PM and I can explain it further.

I am giving you two images. They are the same with the colors inverted. If you printed out the one with the black background it would kill the ink your printer!

I also am including actual images of the part. The first picture is the same as the part as shown in the upper right corner. The second picture is the same as the view if you slid the part up the bowl towards you. The third picture is the same view as if you slid the part up the bowl to the left. Hope this makes it easier for you guys. The rest of the pictures are just random pictures.









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