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  1. fireman

    520H Engine Surging

    The intake manifold on the Onan engines is of a two piece aluminum design. The sealant they used to seal the two halves becomes brittle over the years. This causes extra air to be sucked into the mixture giving an erratic surge and incorrect fuel to air ratio. I had the same exact problem on my John Deere 318 which has the same engine and the 520. On the recommendation from a thread on a JD forum I took the intake manifold apart, cleaned and re-sealed it. The surging problem was gone. Also the carburetors are known for gunking up. Take that apart and clean out the jets and passages. Last thing is the fuel lines. Ethanol in todays fuels breaks down the inside of older fuel lines which also clogs up the little passages and jets in the carb. I highly recommend replacing them with new high quality fuel line. I had the same issue as you and after doing all of these things my Onan runs excellent! As a note make sure the fins on the heads are clear of grass clippings etc. The Onans are notorious for loose valve seats due to over heating.
  2. fireman

    Not everyday...

    Pretty sneaky Craig!
  3. fireman

    It is a Start.

    Nice job. And I hear you about getting to that point in your life where you don't need all the tractors. I haven't started some of mine in over a year. That's why it's time for them to go. You never know. The time may come around again when I get the "itch" and i'll probably start over again. But if I do, I will be a little wiser in what i'm looking for and what I want to start with.
  4. fireman

    My other collection

    Great looking collection! You'll get no grief from me for I too really like the older Deere's and have had a bunch (110, 112 ertc.) over the years. Unfortunately I have sold them all off and just have my 318 left. This is my worker and i'll never get rid off it. I take my fair share of ribbing for having those "Green" tractors but like you I know how great and reliable they are and they just can't be beat as far as I'm concerned.
  5. fireman

    Lawn Cart Mfg

    grinchsr, This thread will answer all your questions as it did mine about Ohio Steel making carts for WH: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/44998-10-cu-ft-dump-cart-history-and-dating-them/#comment-413234 Here is a picture of the label on my cart.
  6. fireman

    48" deck for C-120?

    Hey Mel, I just pulled up my Wheel Horse Interchange file which lists all the tractor with all their accessories. It looks like in 1976 the 48" deck was part number was 65-48MS01.
  7. fireman

    3 point hitch for a c120

    He is no longer producing them.
  8. fireman


    Just to add to the pic of Steve on the bike, here is video of that now famous ride! IMG_0892.MOV
  9. Great job John! I'm sure the offers to buy it will come in fast and furious when people see it at the show (if they haven't already!).
  10. fireman

    John Deere 112 Rebuilt top to bottom

    Very Nice! I'd kill for one in that condition. I've got a super rare attachment that's just itching to be mounted on a 110 or 112. It's called the Buccateer. It was made by a company called Research Products for John Deere. I have only seen two others.
  11. fireman

    The new Farm truck...

    I'm with you Ken! Slow and steady always wins the race. Life's too short so enjoy the ride .
  12. fireman

    I'm Back

    Welcome back Terry. Your not alone with the John Deere thing. We've talked about that before. Glad to see your back around.
  13. fireman

    58 RJ Red Wheels to White -Time for a Change!

    This is true! Just ask the one guy about his easy up tent!
  14. fireman

    New to me super clean 1992 John Deere 318

    Yah I wish it was like a 24hp Kohler or Honda engine in there. Now that I re-sealed the 2 piece intake manifold, that Onan runs like a champ. No more hunting (at least not yet)
  15. fireman

    New to me super clean 1992 John Deere 318

    Well unlike the past few devastating winters, this year we ended up having a mild one and I never needed to use this beast. I hadn't started it since the winter so I figure seeing as today was really nice and I wanted to do some spring cleaning, I pulled it out to let it run for a while and drove it around. This was the first time I drove it with the snow blower installed. That snowblower weights in at over 500lbs and let me tell you it steered like a dream with the power steering. I don't even have my 180lbs of rear wheel weights installed.