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1959 rj-58 with CBR-32 mowing

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This is my 1959 rj-58 I bought from the original owner and the CBR-32 sickle bar that came with it. I replaced all the cutter knives on it.

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Love it! I posted video several years ago of me mowing with one I had. They do get the machine shaking a bit

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    • jebeli
      By jebeli
      This unit works great. It fits on long frame tractors. I used it on a 418-8. It was modified by a previous owner to be a tach-o-matic attachment but, I changed to back to the original set-up (notice the welds). I replaced the bearings, belts, drive pulley axle and cutting teeth.

    • stevebo
      By stevebo-(Moderator)
      I found this at the flee market today. I know KenB was there before me and he must have missed it Can anyone tell me what models this one fits? I am 99% sure it is for the RJs Got it home, put some of my "used oil" potion on it and it moves nice. All the teeth are in place and will make a nice addition.

      Paid $25 bucks for it...


    • RJcollector
      By RJcollector
      Check it out!  I found this RJ today as a lawn ornament. I knocked on the door and the guy ended up selling it to me for $200 with a plow and mower deck in awesome shape and all the manuals and receipts and even spare parts! I couldn't believe it. Hood has been repaired but its not destroyed, no muffler guard (typical), but its the original engine, belt guard, serial # sticker. Attachments are in remarkable shape compared to what I've seen. The skid shoes on the plow aren't even worn. Heres a couple pics, Ill take more tomorrow.

    • PantherDustin
      By PantherDustin
      Hi I am a first time Wheel Horse owner. It has the front plow and the AC-6 cultivator attachments. My guess is that it was the recipient of a DIY restoration in the late 1990's but not certain, based on the darker red, B&S engine and newer tires. Runs and drives perfect, everything works awesome.
      I need a trailer for it if anyone wants the cultivator. 

    • CasualObserver
      By CasualObserver
      Can someone please post up some good clean shots of a full and correctly mounted CBR-32 with belts, engagement pedal and all?  I've spent an hour looking though old posts, and can't find a good shot of a complete one installed.
      Posted here and/or in the gallery  be appreciated.
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