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2021 Show WildHorses Video

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Thanx for the video , some really awesome tractors there , wished I could have been there .

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On 6/26/2021 at 12:44 PM, neil said:

Thanx for the video , some really awesome tractors there , wished I could have been there .

We must do a european version once Covid lays down a bit more..

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    • Scrusher
      By Scrusher
      Wheel Horse Arm Rest.pdf
      I am looking for an arm rest pad and arm for my 1973 WheelHorse "no name" tractor in good to NOS condition. One of the arm rests worked loose and was lost in transit during a recent interstate  move. The WheelHorse Part Numbers are:
      Arm Rest Pad P/N 104101
      Arm Rest Arm P/N 104105 
    • john65002
      By john65002
      Well, this has been a nightmare and a blessing the past week. I was scrolling across Facebook marketplace and came across a tractor I had never seen nor known about. I have(as far as I know) all advertisement and manuals on the Work Horse line and had never seen a RR-832! Even after doing a lot of online research, barely anything seems to be known about these. I found one manual that includes A-81/A-111/ and mentions the RR-832. 
      Anyways, I attempted to contact the person selling the Work Horse on Facebook and purchase, however she thought I was a "scammer" and didn't really want the tractor. Within 30 min it was listed as sold  So, I started doing everything I could to track another one down. I found just ONE example on Youtube, and that gentleman sold the unit years ago. I found another SINGLE example on this forum, however it was slightly customized and the owner hasn't been active for awhile. What to do now? Well...buy a A-111!
      I put out a post looking for a RR-832(Still willing to buy a true one with cash in hand from any state) and a young man offered the below A-111 for $150. I couldn't complain with that price! So, we worked out a deal, I had him payed, and I set up shipping. Four days later it was sitting in my driveway. I'm going to go through the process of "converting" the A-111 to the RR-832. Give me some good luck  If anyone has any information on the Work Horse, I would greatly appreciate it! 

    • msdhomeplans@gmail.com
      By msdhomeplans@gmail.com
      Hi I am trying to resurrect my fathers 1966 wheel horse lawn ranger.  I have gas leaking from the carburetor and I need a replacement.  I can not seem to find any accurate resources for the correct one needed. 
      Here are the specs for the tractor.  I am also in need of a seat for it if you know which work for this model.  
      Thanks in advance!
      Model Number L 156
      Serial # 219222
      Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger L-156
      Tecumseh H60 gasoline 1-cylinder air-cooled Displacement: 221 cc
      13.53 ci Bore/Stroke: 2.625x2.50 inches
      67 x 64 mm Power: 6 hp
      4.5 kW Starter volts: 12  
    • EastTnDon
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      First post on this site. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Looking for information on this Raider 12, picture has model and SS#. It has a Kohler engine, mowing deck and cultivator. It was my parent’s and I used growing up mowing yards and plowing tobacco. Around 1990, dad replaced motor with original short block and replaced mower deck. Mower has not been used in 20 years, but the 3 blades turn freely. Tractor has been sitting in shed and not ran in 5 years. Motor turned over with jumper cables but did not start. The Cultivator plow has had some metal added to place Concrete block for weight, that dad and I added. I don’t know if I should sale for scrap metal or for someone to restore. Any recommendations?  

    • Dan87
      By Dan87
      Hey everyone!
      Long time forum reader, first time poster! I just picked this blower attachment up last night for free! Thought it may fit one of my Wheel Horse tractors but once i got it home i was not so sure.
      I have a 1986-87 - 212-6 and a 1970's C-100. Both have all the parts needed to attach a mower deck.
      I have no idea how this one would attach to either, it may be missing parts? It does not have any model/serial numbers on it so i was having a hard time finding the manual that goes with it.
      I also do not know if it was modified at any point, the man i got it from did not know what it came off and my best guess is it came with the house he said he moved into 1 year ago.
      Thanks for the help!

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