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2021 Show WildHorses Video

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Thanx for the video , some really awesome tractors there , wished I could have been there .

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On 6/26/2021 at 12:44 PM, neil said:

Thanx for the video , some really awesome tractors there , wished I could have been there .

We must do a european version once Covid lays down a bit more..

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    • EastTnDon
      By EastTnDon
      First post on this site. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Looking for information on this Raider 12, picture has model and SS#. It has a Kohler engine, mowing deck and cultivator. It was my parent’s and I used growing up mowing yards and plowing tobacco. Around 1990, dad replaced motor with original short block and replaced mower deck. Mower has not been used in 20 years, but the 3 blades turn freely. Tractor has been sitting in shed and not ran in 5 years. Motor turned over with jumper cables but did not start. The Cultivator plow has had some metal added to place Concrete block for weight, that dad and I added. I don’t know if I should sale for scrap metal or for someone to restore. Any recommendations?  

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      Hey everyone!
      Long time forum reader, first time poster! I just picked this blower attachment up last night for free! Thought it may fit one of my Wheel Horse tractors but once i got it home i was not so sure.
      I have a 1986-87 - 212-6 and a 1970's C-100. Both have all the parts needed to attach a mower deck.
      I have no idea how this one would attach to either, it may be missing parts? It does not have any model/serial numbers on it so i was having a hard time finding the manual that goes with it.
      I also do not know if it was modified at any point, the man i got it from did not know what it came off and my best guess is it came with the house he said he moved into 1 year ago.
      Thanks for the help!

    • Rob R
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      Getting just a LITTLE cabin fever so decide to make a Wheel Horse shop clock out of an old engine shroud and discarded wall clock. Mission was to not buy anything (leave home) and getter done..... Happy with the results..... plus I can now tell what time it is in the shop at a glance.....  

    • WildHorses
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      Found a 420-LSE this morning. This one doesn't have the serial on the hood and the tag is faded beyond reading it. It's in pretty rough shape but I think it will clean up ok with some touch up work here and there. This one is going to my dad, I think he was pretty happy to get it. I bought it from a lady who's husband had passed away. If anyone knows of any previous pictures of this tractor anywhere let me know I'd love to find out what number it is. It appears that the flag stickers have been on the hood for a while so I'm hopeful that maybe the previous owner posted some somewhere although based on how he took care of it he may not have known what he had. Very thankful I snagged the chrome 420 PTO loop that I saw on ebay a few months back as this one will need it. Anyone have any original decals they want to sell??

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      Hello, I am currently nearing completion of the restoration of my Wheel Horse 702 and I am finding parts that I am missing including a starter belt cover, brake guard, seat, deck height adjuster and possibly a new steering wheel. If anyone can point me in the direction to find them I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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