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520xi vs 270h

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I found 2 tractor I'm interested in buying. 

 First let me give a summary of their intended uses:

  I just bought a house on 1 acre of land. It is not flat and has many medium to low degree slopes. Primarily I am interested in its mowing ability, but also tilling and snow blowing possibilties. 

  Now to the tractors....

  The first I found was a 520 xi kohler 20 h.p. engine with 380 hrs. Comes with deck and trailer. 

I talked the seller down to $1800.


   The second is a 270h kohler 20 h.p. engine with 73 hrs. Comes with Deck. Seller asking $850.


   Both may go soon would appreciate quick response. Thanks!


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Handy Don

My 2¢.

Ask yourself what the extra $1,000 gets and if its worth it.

The hours difference isn't all that big a deal if both were maintained.

The Xi is all around heavier and sturdier and larger. It can handle a large 2-stage blower (though they are not real common and can be pricey). If memory serves, power steering. It takes more room in the garage/shed. 

The 270 will do a good job as a mower and be adequate with a modest blower.

Is there somewhere else in your life that $1000 would be well spent?

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The 270H is a lawn tractor, probably a bit better built than the typical box-store specials these days, but still a lawn tractor.
The 520xi is a serious garden tractor. Very capable, and can handle ground-engaging attachments (such as tillers) as well as larger, heavy-duty mower decks.


If it were me, I'd jump at the 520xi for handling a plot like yours. That's what it's made for.

The xi series isn't as well-known as the more "classic" Wheel Horse garden tractors, but it's the most modern series ever made and has quite its own following here.

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Get your pick up or trailer and pick up the 520  Good price and worth the money. MY :twocents-02cents:

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:text-welcomeconfetti:to the forum.  I'll agree with the other comments.  The 520xi is built for heavier service than the 270h.

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Thanks for your input! 

 Im new to this forum and wheel horses but it looks like I'm here to stay now. Already arranged to pick up 520 and got the price a little lower.

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Good choice!


And :text-welcomeconfetti:

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Handy Don


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You got one hell of a deal, I had the opportunity to get some seat time on one a week or so ago. They are a great tractor, I see one in my future.

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