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issues with governer

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just wondering if anyone knows which way the governer is supposed to turn when setting it. its a 1984 gt 1100 workhorse/ wheel horse? it has a horizontal 11 horse b&s 399cc.I'd rather not have to drain the oil again and open the engine up. just trying to get it running smooth and then maybe restore it. its in good shape. i may have put in more work than needed. its ran before not very long and i recently tried firing it up and was screamin at 5000rpm i would assume. 


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Ed Kennell

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I am not familiar with the B&S , so I will not attempt to answer your question, but rest assured someone will be here soon to help you find the correct manuals for the governer set up.

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25 minutes ago, trava.s said:

just wondering if anyone knows which way the governer is supposed to turn when setting it



Pull on the governor arm to open the throttle to wide open. This is the direction that it will move to open the throttle. Loosen the pinch bolt on the throttle arm. Hold the throttle arm so the the carb is wide open. Turn the governor shaft until it stops in the same direction that you had to move the arm. Hold every thing in place and tighten the pinch bolt. If you can grip the end of shaft with a small Visegrip and let the weight of the Visegrip hold the shaft in the correct direction while tightening the pinch bolt. I use this trick so that I can do this process by myself.

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You may know this but in case the governors are adjusted with the engine not running.


The bolt that clamps the governor arm to the governor shaft is not too long is it? Looks like it may contact that boss.



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