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Battery Recycling....Amazing Looks Dangerous

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peter lena

having worked in a PFIZER  chemical / production plant for 30 years , some thing i quickly learned was to take advantage of  available PPE , PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT , glaringly obvious at many / most areas  i had to enter /  work in . always had ear plugs in my pockets , always had a filter mask under my hard hat , and quickly took advantage of any other safety equipment to isolate me from the work zone. the clouding acrid smoke /  fuming dust in the battery break down pictures , brought back scary memories. typically macho men and hard  a-- operators would work an area with little safety equipment. there was an age group , typically  48-53 , that died, from collective related issues , never treated or looked at , that was not the macho way , it was a glairing issue to me and i learned from others  loosing the game. just my experience to a picture  that i can relate to , learned to RESPOND TO A PROBLEM , DO NOT TUFF IT OUT , LIVE ON , PETE    

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