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A Tecumseh Tale

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4 hours ago, Handy Don said:

Hmmm, why am I here? Musta missed a turn while I was thinkin' about tractors.


There is no Thread that will be free of a Clowns capture in between.

That is urgently required, because of the strenght of Live.

We must calm...😎😂


Ok, back to topic...

Btw @Gregor the most of the old Coils have about the double windings and half the diameter in the Coils.


There is also a good reason for,

they don‘t be too stupid in the past to do it that simple.


With that „trick“ of more Windings and less diameter they increases so the resistance and the impedance of the Coil to restrict their ability to overcharge the battery only with the diodes instead of a regulator.

On the other hand there is much less Usable Amperage.

But because there is no heavy electrical Load on the Engines it works.


Typically measurable Values on a 12V System should be about 4 ohms

they can be measured by a ohmmeter.


Just to close up your knowledge a little more.

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