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  1. Tractorhead

    Mrs. Pullstart

    I like the optic by the chopped Hood, not sure if i would chopped the frame itself, but i think don't Basically it has some Advantages, to keep frame as it is.( got some weird ideas therefore) 😅 For the name, i have an immediately tought - Independence recall fits to the Stars &Stripe.
  2. Tractorhead

    Decal removal?

    Yap, a little warming but not to hot was the trick. On metal surfaces i use the hot air gun instead, but be carefully, not to disturb the coloring. not heating, only warming.
  3. Tractorhead

    Drain oil extender what dimension

    Hi, because Winter- oil change is short ahead, i wanna use a easier way to drain the old Engineoil. I have an E125V vertical Engine, and not very familar with the threads, used in that Engine. i 've seen on some Engines on Pic's, that guy's mounted a Oil drain extender( a pipe and a arc) for an easier Oil-drain into the Engine. can anybody tells me please, what dimension this thread is? So far as i seen it shall be 1/4" but iam not sure about. Confirming or is it any other Thread? Any info or help would greatly appreciated. regards Stefan
  4. Tractorhead

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Right tyres for that job ! great!
  5. Tractorhead

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Congrats to one more, here i have to pay about 1500€'s - 2500€ (nearly the same in Dollars) for such a Tractor... in this case it was a bargain. regards Stefan
  6. Tractorhead

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Improovings... to get it Road Legal ( i will try it, even if it is completley crazy, i know, but i'll try...) i search and found nice flash lights they looks i.m.h.o pretty nice on it. While working with my FEL, suddenly i hear a rattling not really successful noise. The FEL works not corectly, as i expected... what's up ? Upps, i found, that my Hydraulic clutch didn't work further, as expected. after disassemble, i found the Reason for.. Aaaaaaaaahhh! - eieiei, here we have to urgently do something and fine a better solution. ok, no problem, let's make a new clutch between Drive Pulley and Hydraullics on the Lathe. then try, if it fit's ..... Ok, - back in Business.
  7. Tractorhead

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Hmm, because while Gutbrod was sold to MTD Group, maybe you find a local MTD- Dealer, who got the Parts, you needed..
  8. Tractorhead

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Let me find out, what i can do for shipping, if it helps. but depends few day's, i will ask in my Company, if we are able to do. Gutbrod By the way, as far as i know, several of the Engine come from Renault. maybe this is the reason, you fund a lot of Renault parts, that fits.
  9. Tractorhead

    Wheel horse 8-Speed Transmission.

    Damn, to far for me to pickup. Shipping cost and Tax blast the Pricerange extremely. 😢 Wish i found in Germany such a 8- Speed
  10. Tractorhead

    Picked up a tall chute blower

    Nice to see, how you guy's improove you Tractor's. today i am done with the complete Light. including Flasher. I wan't give up my plans, to make it Road Legal... Have a short vid, but can not insert, because its too large.
  11. Tractorhead

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Cool Project and well done. looks pretty in Red. Btw. The flash lights are still available, if you need spare from Hella. but they'r not cheap...
  12. Few photos more.. I think i shall rework my deck while Winter...
  13. Tractorhead

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looks fine. better to have, than to need.....
  14. Tractorhead


    Hi, read the whole Story. my deepest Respect to all who are involved. Fantastic work at all, no doubt about it. About E- Tank i doing somevtry's in the past, but never tried to remove Rust. very impressive also! Thanks for Sharing all this Info Stefan
  15. Tractorhead

    $100 Honey

    Nice Tractor, would you be please so kind, to take a Photo of The Gearbox for me? i am strongly interested in. Thanks in Advance Stefan