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    502 - filled ags 'n tri-ribs and powered by a K181T 8 horse and an 8 speed, with RD mower
    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
    36" tiller, 1 bottom plow, brinly disc for the WheelHorses
    Newly Acquired from the 2018 big show:
    Commando 800
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    I like to focus on the simple ways of life - garden, wood heat, family time. Dune Buggies, trucks, motorcycles fall in there too.

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  1. pullstart

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Well I’ll let y’all know if I win the bid! If I really NEEDED this for something, I’d have offered more than I did.
  2. pullstart

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Found another picture in the ad! I placed an offer, just wondering what others would commit to?
  3. pullstart

    Help IDing (New to Horses)

    Looks like a late 60’s square hood with another Briggs?
  4. Somewhat local estate sale, they are taking offers... asking price is $800 and it hasn’t sold. From the estate seller: “it runs good and has a nice shiney deck” Other than that and one picture, I know nothing.
  5. With that belt brake on the leading side of the engine pulley, does the belt stop spinning when you engage the clutch?
  6. pullstart

    Big Show rj build

    Can’t tell it’s the same block!
  7. pullstart

    Wheel horse 603

    Ya learn something new everyday...
  8. @ZXT it it sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you!
  9. So a little update on Norman... we took our first trip last week to Winchester, IN for the 47th annual Winchester 400. The entire trip was uneventful, with the camper loaded for a Wednesday-Monday stay. The races were over Sunday night, so we sat around the campfire and watched the people take off. I didn’t feel like rushing to get out of there with the crowd, so we opted to leave Monday morning to head hom. Not too far from Winchester in Portland, there is a campground called Fox Lake, I believe. We call ahead and see if we can dump our tanks for the ride home, if possible. The fee has tripled since the last time we drove through, sign of the times I suppose. The dump station is just off the gravel drive, and we successfully sank Norman! I guess their pond was 16”+ above average and the ground was soft. We ended up getting tugged out by one of the two people in the campground as they were officially closed for the season. The rest of the drive was a peach, and now it’s time to get him ready for winter storage. We’ve finally been getting the barns cleaned out of my in-law’s stuff, so there will soon be room in the barn for the camper and Norman together. Until then, he’s soaking up some harvest time sky.
  10. pullstart

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Christer, nice work you’re doing there! The fender molds are quite the work of art! I need to make it to Norway some day to visit an exchange student we had. How far from Oslo are you?
  11. pullstart

    Mrs. Pullstart

    She’s not supposed to know about the tractor at this stage... It’s our little RedSquare secret...
  12. pullstart

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    I really think I need to read some L’Amour. My one author I read from, Michael Perry, mentions him often.
  13. pullstart

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    I’m not sporting my Richie cup yet, I still need to go pick it up from him! Until then, a cup with my business logo that my wife had made for me... F J is Frank John, my late Grandfather. He had a trucking company in the 60’s with the same logo, I had it digitized for my company.
  14. pullstart

    Mrs. Pullstart

    I think I’m really sold on Star. It fits Josh’s requirements of rolling off the tongue a little better than John Philip Sousa! Rylee is in, Jada wants to come up with something that “nobody knows about.” I have to hand it to her for wanting to be unique, but I’m gonna have to work on her anyways.
  15. Those seat springs just came up in conversation a day or two ago! Looks good