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    502 - filled ags 'n tri-ribs and powered by a K181T 8 horse and an 8 speed, with RD mower
    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
    36" tiller, 1 bottom plow, brinly disc for the WheelHorses
    Newly Acquired from the 2018 big show:
    Commando 800
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    Middleville , Michigan
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    Self Employed / Homeschool my girls
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    I like to focus on the simple ways of life - garden, wood heat, family time. Dune Buggies, trucks, motorcycles fall in there too.

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  1. pullstart

    New Tractor guy

    Welcome @Metal225! Nice rig!
  2. pullstart

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    It was 50-60 all trip, 76 now in MIAMI!!!
  3. pullstart

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    Thanks to a giant (height and heart) for allowing us a visit today! The kids have been packed in the Colorado for a few days, but we made it to Miami! The Allure Of The Seas awaits us... tomorrow! thanks again, @19richie66!
  4. pullstart

    Where would you put your money?

    I’d got for the C-195 also, and look to do that GT-14 fender mod that someone here recently posted. But I don’t have experience with any of these models...
  5. Lowell and Joette, my family and I have been traveling since Thursday. I pray for the best for Bryan, Scottie and the rest of the fam!
  6. pullstart

    GT1800 Hydro paint

    I really need o get those Briggs parts in the mail! 👍
  7. pullstart

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    8 horse Kohler, 3 speed trans, bulletproof for anything pretty much... within reason👍
  8. pullstart

    Large IN dealer auction

    Merry Christmas to those who get to see this stuff! I’ve never encountered a bucket like this...
  9. pullstart

    What models are these

    I belive @JPWH did that a while back... you loosin’ your mind Jim? Maybe I’ll hafta ‘Mafia some of the 21 back East and see if you notice that!
  10. pullstart

    My 312-8 wheelhorse

    You bought some weights and spare parts, got a tractor thrown into the deal!
  11. I am sorry for your Loss, Kyle. I can’t imagine the things some people have to experience protecting chaps like me.
  12. pullstart

    Happy Birthday Lowell

    Happy Birthday Lowell!