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    502 - filled ags 'n tri-ribs and powered by a K181T 8 horse and an 8 speed, with RD mower
    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
    36" tiller, 1 bottom plow, brinly disc for the WheelHorses
    Newly Acquired from the 2018 big show:
    Commando 800
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    I like to focus on the simple ways of life - garden, wood heat, family time. Dune Buggies, trucks, motorcycles fall in there too.

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  1. pullstart

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Yeah, the floorboard just hasn’t been pulled, in fact I looked at the picture after I posted it, thinking why didn’t I pull that off? as for Elvis, I even thought is would be cool to round out the hood to grill area, like the AC. We’ll see, I still need to make it run!
  2. pullstart

    Big Show rj build

    You can do it Dell, I believe in you! Once again, no solid input to help you along other than moral support...
  3. pullstart

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Did some mock up... the hood stands are the same width! The Charger stand is 1/2” higher, which might help with clearance of the big block. Pay no mind to the funky rear fender placement, this is all rough rough rough draft. Now, it’s time to consider frame length. I want to keep the hood the same length, stretching it just isn’t in my mind for this build. For those who might not know, this isn’t my wife’s only tractor. She has “Elvis Chompers” named by Rylee who just couldn’t roll Allis Chalmers off her tongue. My thoughts or challenge, is make a mini Allis front end out of the longer frame? Shrink the frame to look stock? WHAT SAY YOU?
  4. pullstart

    belly weights

    YouTube link, it’s the best way to post a video. Oooooohh how I need to hear it now! also, nobody here would discriminate if you considered becoming a supporting member. The benefits outweigh the cost tenfold. Just something to think about...
  5. My thoughts exactly. I have a couple scrap yard contacts, who are able to trade scrap for scrap.... if anything gasser were to come in, Ikd be all over that trade!
  6. I had a chimney fire at the old house, one morning in my pj pants and no shirt, barefoot with about 1’ of snow outside and on the roof. I happened to have a bucket of wash water nearby, I ran out the basement, up and around the house, up the ladder and across the 3/12 pitch roof to dump the water down the he chimney SO QUICK that nobody knew I had been outside. Shut the stove down for about a month. In fear, but made myself an agreement that saving so much money heating with wood, I could afford to clean the chimney once a month.
  7. pullstart

    belly weights

    I’d love to hear it run! Good luck pulling, get some videos! Any specs on the that exhaust, or just 3” tubing?
  8. I’m just doomed Kyle, it still won’t play for me.
  9. pullstart

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Not the first time someone has been confused for another...
  10. pullstart


    Welcome @weeevr!
  11. And how many passes did you make?
  12. pullstart

    Decal removal?

    If the women don’t find ya handsome, at least they can find you handy.
  13. That one won’t stay forever, but he gave me a sit down one. That’s the good news. Bad news is that the battery is shot, it’s 24 volts and will cost $1250 for a reconditioned one. I thought about building a bank of automotive batteries in series and parallel to get the 24 volts and a lot of amps, but the fork lift battery is part of the built in ballast, so I’m not sure what I’ll do. I doubt I’ll ever get to the point of maxing out capacity either, so do I really need all the ballast? We’ll see.
  14. Bummer that it needs so much work. One of those jack up the lug nuts and replace everything projects.
  15. pullstart

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    There’s a good chance, but it’s ok. I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end, and I bet it won’t be the last WH that gets away... but I’m sure that more will end up here some day too!