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416-8, Stock Tires are 6.50 on 8" Wheels, Can I Go Wider ?

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I'm thinking about going with 7.50 tires on the front with the 8" stock rims.  I mow in a wet area and am thinking if I increase the surface area, I'll be less likely to sink.  I already went wider in the rear, which seems to work well.  I'm also running lower pressures all around.


My main concern is if the slightly wider tires will clear the mower deck when I make tight turns.  As it is, the 6.50 clears only by about an inch.

I'd like to go with the 7.50 Carlisle Turf Masters, the mounted width is 7".  Currently I am running the stock tires, which are Turf Savers, and according to Carlisle, the mounted width is 6.6".   


I guess if that's the case, it may not make much difference in surface area, and I would be risking rubbing the tires on the deck.  I have a 42" deck.


If anyone is using (or knows for sure if) 7.50 Turf Masters on an 8" wheel with a 42" deck on a 416-8, please let me know how well it works.  Obviously 

I can't risk "tire rub".  


I also welcome any other suggestions for mowing wet ground.  Thanks in advance.



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You should be able to go to the 7.50's with no trouble. They will "pooch" out more than stock, but I don't think it will look bad at all. Post some pics when you do it! 







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I can't answer if there will be interference with your deck, but the 5xi-series have 16x7.50-8 tires on 5-3/8" wide rims. I never noticed if they "pooched" any more than other tires. Kenda K500 Super Turf tend to run taller.

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953 nut


If you have an inch or more of clearance with the present tires you will be fine.

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