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Recover deleted files from hard drive

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A few years ago had given my old laptop away, it had Ubuntu installed so I just deleted the files from my user account then before removing the account had created a new one for the new user, she being a die hard windows user tried to install Win 10 without any success.


As it turned out I misplaced the USB stick that had those files stored onto, I now have the old laptop back in my possession and found an app to recover those deleted files.But the real point I'm trying to make here is before disposing of an old computer pull the hard drive.


I did not think for one minute that recovering those deleted files would be as easy as 1,2,3.



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The app works to recover deleted files some of which have so far been recovered are well over four years old, each folder in the video directory has hundreds of files. I terminated the scan as it would take five hours to complete and I'm not on the target machine.


The app I'm using maybe installed onto a boot-able USB drive enabling the user to mount any hard drive regardless of which operating system was first installed.



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