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Jason B

Can you help ID this wheel horse?

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I believe you're right, just wanted confirmation. Don't want to break these hens' teeth. I'm nervous after going through the fiasco I did by frying the charging coils and then searching for replacements. 

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Your connections are correct. Green wire to go to center post in rectifier and from there to on/off switch, Two white wires from generating coils to two outside posts on rectifier.  Notch on diodes towards fuse or battery.

Looks like the condenser I specified for you is not going to work on that unit. You do not have a separate clamp for it. You will need one with clamp attached already.This one:


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Take the wires off that stud and re-test. make sure that spring does not touch anything. may be just the picture but 

make sure that green wire does not touch anything either. A lot of times  it is in that area somewhere.




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