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  1. formariz


    Where is my sipping buddy? He has been gone so long.
  2. formariz

    I don't like dentists

    Not many of us like those visits. They are however a necessity. We just don't like the aftereffects . I have been very fortunate with the one I have now been using for over 30 years. Always up on the latest technology.No needles anymore, merely a local anesthetic sort of rubbed on gum, and then the main anesthetic applied on that area through a sort of an IV digital dispenser through a clip applied to gum. Sore from the pressure applied during procedures but never pain. Voted several time best in state. That of course comes at the expense of the real painful part. The bill. Will deal with insurance submitals and paperwork but will not except the insurance companies " general excepted fee for such service".
  3. I see also that you have a short extension on the inside of chute. Does it help throw it further? Mine has a sort of wire attached there. I see also the roller chain on front wheels. Something else on my list. I have them on the Electro with plow.
  4. formariz

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    Thanks John. Good of you to mention tensioner. Did not know about it. Everything on this tractor is new to me.I will definitely be checking it today.
  5. formariz

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    @WVHillbilly520H @wallfishThank you for the help and photos. Really helped to confirm I was on the right track. Much appreciated. I got to take a closer look but I guess for any major work with the blower on one is better off altogether removing hood. Not great timing, should have done it prior to installing blower but I don't want to get caught without it but I am going to install a oil pressure gauge in it and that requires good access to engine compartment. I will be starting another thread on that.
  6. formariz

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    Thanks Jeff. That is also unit that I have from the looks of it. Curious, can hood be opened with cab on?
  7. formariz

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    Just found another set of instructions . Looks like this what I actually have. It also has clearer photos on it and better dimensions. Cab Snow 1988-1991 P6-47CC01 for 300 400 500-Series.pdf
  8. formariz

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Happy Birthday
  9. Yes I have to also look at a glass windshield, not only for better visibility but also because I am not too fond of the flexible plastic in there now. I thought also about making one out of plexiglass. Are there any kits available already made out of glass?
  10. formariz

    R. I. P. George HW Bush

    Politicians? I will settle for just ordinary men like that.
  11. I started mounting a snow cab on my 1996 520H. Downloaded both available manuals which are similar but have a few differences to each other. My cab is also a bit different in some areas. I am trying to mount it without drilling any new holes on foot rests but I don't know if that is possible. I am also not entirely sure where some of the dash braces attach. Not sure also if what is attached now is in correct spot.Could someone show me photos of one attached to a 520H specially at foot rest area on both sides. It will be much appreciated as always. Here is what I got attached so far and whats left to install;
  12. Very nice indeed. Did he cut new additional teeth or did he replace entire wheel? Not only functionality but also aesthetically its awesome. @dclarke system is nice also and perhaps a little easier to do. I am going to concentrate on getting deflector done now since its most needed and relatively simple. I am also trying to get cab installed for which I have a few questions ( new thread). Once those two are done I can relax and have time for motorizing the chute.
  13. Here is link to vendor. He also sells the complete kit wiring and all although a bit expensive. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Linear-Actuator-Rubber-Boot-Merit-Automation-fits-all-actuators/282561694099?hash=item41c9fd4993:g:IakAAOSwCQZZDyfZ:rk:32:pf:0
  14. It looks like the unit I ordered may be the same one you have. If so I also found this cover sold by another vendor that makes these kits that may fit. Looks like the same unit on his site.
  15. @dclarke Any concerns or issues ever from moisture or rain on either motor?