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Quick attach bucket FEL SSQA

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This is more a general question but has anyone used a quick attach system for a GT FEL? I was thinking of adding one to my loader to use start switching between my bucket and forks ( hopefully a blade soon). If you did how did you do it? Did you use the SSQA system? My biggest concern is adding a bunch of extra weight to a GT loader but I really hate swapping between the two. Pictures would be fantastic.

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953 nut

Best bet is to get another :wh: to plow snow with and leave the loader alone.


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      Hello fellow Horse Heads long time no post for me, life gets crazy & a lot of things change sometimes but anyhoo. So back a few years ago when I first got my 1994 314-H I had it at my shop going threw it. One of my customers walk past as im working and said, you know I think Iv got a Wheel Horse & im thinking "no you dont buddy". I give him my # to send pics thinking it was a big waste of time & after getting the pics I realized he did have a Wheel Horse! I hand shake bought it right there, asked him to bring it to my store & he said no problem. Well after almost 2 years it is finally in my orbit. I know very little about it other than his father-inlaw got it new and used it around his house moving snow and stuff. His father inlaw moved down south here when his daughter got married and gave the tractor to my customer because he had a farm & his the inlaw had no use for it anymore. Same with every barn find, "it was running when parked" 8 years ago, said one of the axel seal is leaking. Im happy and hope I can get it back in running order soon cause it is going to be handy around the truck farm!!
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      Didn’t get to swap the loader out for the 44” 2-stage snowblower and cab on the 520-H before the Christmas Day storm. I had the engine out to redo the top end (decarbon, clean and reseat valves, New gaskets, New fuel pump, tubing, filter, plugs and properly seat camshaft Welch plug) so no time to switch over before storm. It’s just another excuse to use the loader! Merry Christmas everyone🌲🎅🏻

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      The little LR will never plow a field but dont ever say its not robust enough for ground engagement. Thats nonsense.
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