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Can anyone tell me how to get at the 9 pin connector under the battery platform on my 520H. I have pulled the battery out and the front plate off the dash (under the gauges) and the left side panel. Do I have to take the entire center of the tractor apart? 

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Yeah I can tell ya Chuck. ..with great difficulty sometimes. It seems like of all my 3 520's some lay out there right in front of you some a real pain to get at ... Best advice I can give you is loosen up the harness up enough to get on it and check it out. Shouldn't have to take the the hood stand off in mose cases. Check for cable holders in places in ungodly places that will free it up enough to work on it.  Seems like the ones  easier to get at are ones a PO might have already gotten up front. 

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Of the 3 I have owned, NONE were so bad that you would have to remove the hoodstand or the hood, maybe the battery, but not really anything else...


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Thanks for the input guys. 


I had to pull the battery.

Found the 9 pin connector under the plate that supports the battery.

Could not get the plate out without dismantling the guts of the tractor.


Tried to take the sheet metal off the left side. Not a good idea. 


Will try to free up the cable brackets to free up the connector. 


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My two 520s have a reasonable amount of slack to the 9-pin.  I suspect that yours might be secured with a nylon tie somewhere up under the battery tray.  Might have to use a mirror to trace the wires to see where they lead, but you shouldn't have to dismantle any sheet metal.   Good luck.


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Is this an older 520H?  My 91 thru 97's all have the connector right in front of the top edge of the battery with the wiring zip tied to the cross piece.

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