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Goat 2141

Adjustments on belt 42"

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Goat 2141

How to a just belt 42" snowblower on 520h.

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Spring loaded idlers take care of the adjustment. Belt is 5/8" x 69".

Look at this thread and 7th post.



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    • Indianajohn
      By Indianajohn
      I’m getting ready to sell my 520H soon and I have everything working except the gas gauge. I know it’s the sending unit that’s bad. I repaired it once, but it failed again, so now I’m just looking for a replacement. I’ve tried fleabay, but nobody is selling just the sending unit without the tank. I don’t want to buy a tank I don’t need. Shipping to Indiana 46947. Thanks!
    • RetroMower
      By RetroMower
      Recently I saw a 98 520H for sale near me for $600. I believe these models are held in high regard but the problem is this tractor is a puller. Its bright blue with leds under it. The deck is there but no belt, belt guard or rollers. Is this a worthy candidate for a resurrection into a garden tractor again? Or has its life as a puller made its future unpredictable and expensive? I have not seen it in person but the pics show it in good condition. I will try to upload some pics soon
    • JDEnterprises
      By JDEnterprises
      I'm new so please forgive me if anything is out of line. My father was a John Deere Service Manager for 44 years so thats always been my brand of choice. Anyway, long story short... last fall (late fall) I found a 1989 520H on CL. The guy wanted $1600 for the machine w attachments. At the time that was about $600 more than I wanted to spend not to mention the machine was about 55-60 miles away. I was able to get the guy down to $900 on the phone so needless to say it became mine.
      It came as follows: The tractor shows 910 hours (meter does not work) but the machine was clean. I got a 42" front blade, the 48" deck, single stage 42" blower, weights & chains and all the original owners manuals except the one for the blower.
      I mainly wanted/needed it for the blower since I'm a single daddy of 3 little people and have a long driveway, not to mention I have a Deere w the same size deck for mowing. Well yes, of corse I realize this is a 30 year old machine but as MY luck would have it, I cleared my driveway 1 time!  Then a hose sprung a leak and quickly pumped it dry so then it didn't move.  Because I have 3 littles (singlehandeledly) I wasn't able do do anything about it until last week when mother nature finally changed moods. I began tearing into it to find the source of the leak. One of the hoses coming from the lift valve is bad. Another hose shows the threads inside from rubbing, so I've decided to replace all 4.  I now have all 4 hoses in my possession.   I have only removed tin at this point. 
      Question:  Prob a pretty dumb question for here but....... I have the parts breakdown for the entire machine but is there a place where I can pick up a service manual. I'm a car / light truck guy and am mechanically inclined but is there anything I need to know? I'd really prefer a walk through or a service manual. YouTube (which usually has most of my answers) shows nothing.
      Thanks in advance!
    • WVHillbilly520H
      By WVHillbilly520H
      @formariz, @PeacemakerJack, @Machineguy, @WHX21, @520hC-120, @dells68, @elcamino/wheelhorse, and the rest of ,       Here's some video (about 9:00 am this morning) of the Anniversary 520H and 2stage "chucker" in action from Diego that was only supposed to leave a trace to an inch ended up 9" in my front yard, Jeff.
      VIDEO0123.mp4 VIDEO0124.mp4 VIDEO0125.mp4 VIDEO0127.mp4 VIDEO0128.mp4 VIDEO0126.mp4
    • Chuck14025
      By Chuck14025
      Can anyone tell me how to get at the 9 pin connector under the battery platform on my 520H. I have pulled the battery out and the front plate off the dash (under the gauges) and the left side panel. Do I have to take the entire center of the tractor apart? 
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