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Goat 2141

Adjustments on belt 42"

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Goat 2141

How to a just belt 42" snowblower on 520h.

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Spring loaded idlers take care of the adjustment. Belt is 5/8" x 69".

Look at this thread and 7th post.



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    • Mike Sullivan
      By Mike Sullivan
      I have my snow blade off of my old TORO 416 (1995?). I would like to mount it on my 520H (1990) but not sure where in mounts and I am sure I will have to apply some innovative rigging but would sure be appreciative of any advice. Thanks in advance.

    • N875ED
      By N875ED
      After much consideration, I've decided to sell my 520h. It is in very good condition...the only item not working is the fuel gage. Oil (engine and transmission) and filters have been changed within the last 10 operating hours. New seat. Mower deck is NOT included in price; please make offer if interested.

    • Burnerman
      By Burnerman
      My son asked the local scrapyard owner to give us a call when he gets any WH tractors. we have bought a few from him. The owner calls my son today and says a Wheelhorse just came in. Stop by in 1/2 hr and take a look. Well.... $150 later...

      Its an amazing score.
      Whoever scrapped it drained all the fluids and pulled the filters. I wish I had filters! It looks like it just needs a good going over.
        Tmw we’ll get it fired up. 
      420H with a pretty near perfect 48”deck and a 2 stage snowblower. I think we’re missing some parts for the blower though. If this thing runs and moves it’ll top the Massey Executive find from the same scrapyard. 😁
      OH! And the best part is last year the carpenter at work gave me his binder from the 520h he had and sold. He had compiled everything you could get into a big binder. I think I have every bit of paper work for this tractor! Repair/service manuals and owners manual. 
    • Chuck14025
      By Chuck14025
      1994 520 H.   Starter just clicks.
      1. Battery 12.6V, load test OK.,    New solenoid. Ground good. Key switch tested ok. Wiring diagram shows a 'kill' relay - I can't find it on the tractor. Checked the 3 relays under the battery box - they work. Neutral switch, PTP and seat switch work mechanically. 
      2. Not able to find article on this problem when searching. There must be dozens. How do I find them?
      3. Can I test the starter without taking it out?
      4. Is there a 'kill' relay? 
      thank you...
    • Bow_Extreme
      By Bow_Extreme
      This Hydro is ready to go in your Wheel Horse Tractor.  Just removed.  Is 100% working condition.

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