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drive spindle housing

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Hi everyone I'm looking for the center/drive spindle assembly with double pulley for my 1985 36" rear discharge wh mower deck. The only #'s  I have are off the mower deck. 85-6MR01-08150   8038. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You're best bet is to give Lincoln a phone call,  it's his busy season at least that's what he told me when I was looking for a part. 



Edited by rjg854
added phone no.

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Click on the pictures


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Thanks to everyone who replied. Found some parts on partstree.com and others on NPW parts. Thanks again to all those who responded. This site is fantastic and so are the members.

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    • davem1111
      By davem1111
      I thought I'd circle back and see if I can fix a 42" deck (05-42MS05) that came off of one of my previous tractor purchases. I got the blades off and the bottoms of the spindles look good, and it needs some metal welded on where the wheel height adustment bracket bolts on. No big deal.
      The problem I'm having now on this deck is that I can't get this one spindle off. I haven't gotten the others off either, but they seem to be fine. This pulley is flopping around and obviously needs help. I've tried heating it with a torch after spraying it with penetrating spray numerous times, and it won't budge.  At this point, I'm thinking that I'll just need to grind it off, right through the spindle shaft, unless I can successfully cut through the thick ring without damaging the spindle shaft. If I have to grind through the pulley, it probably doesn't matter because I think it's shot already. Anyone have any other ideas?
      One question:  Is that thick ring supposed to be part of the pulley? This one is detached and the pulley spins freely (and sloppily).  Assuming I'll need to buy a new pulley, but was hoping not to have to buy another spindle shaft also. I did take the grease zirk off and have hammered on the top some, but only with a block of brass in between. It could already be damaged there.
      The picture doesn't help much, but here it is:

    • Joe Warren
      By Joe Warren
      one new old stock spindle housing
      part number 106063
      $79 includes shipping within US lower 48.

    • Rob R
      By Rob R
      Hi guys need you help have a 42" side Discharge Deck (Triple Blade) mower deck, mounted on a C-81, that is in bad need of an outside Spindle (Mandrel) the pulley on top is # 5877. The bottom bearing is toast. so I poise the following questions. Note pics attached. 
      1. Does any on have one of these for less then a Kings ransome?
      2. Is it possible to disassemble and install an new bearing from like NAPA?
      3. All three spindles have NO Zerk grease fittings can I drill and add some...... if yes where on the housing is the best place to do this. 
      Thanks feel free to add any other options...... 

    • Bill Sherman
      By Bill Sherman
      I have a 1977 C-120 eight speed.  According to the number on the mower deck (05 42MS05) it is a 1986 model year.  Where can I find a parts diagram so I can get part numbers?  I need to replace the pulleys and I want to make sure I order the right ones.
    • Lost Pup
      By Lost Pup
      I have a 42 SD Deck to repair. Two of the pulleys released one did not. The center two pulley drive spindle was cut off and removed with great force.
      Cutting the spindle as well. 
      I never made a pulley before so it was a good project. The critical spacing for the pulley was the lower one ( smaller) with the deck belt so it would line up with the other two pulleys. The top side was less critical as it just just to the PTO side alone.
      Dimensions were copied from the existing spindles and the original mangled pulley. The double small same size pulley on right is for the bagger unit.
      Curious to see how the now heavier Steel pulley runs on the deck,
      Comments and Questions Always Welcome.

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