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I am active with a couple of food banks and many of those are connected to community gardens.  Red Square members like their seat time.  So if you have a plow, tiller and later on a cultivator find one of these gardens and offer to help.  There are people who need food and fresh produce is a real gift.  And you meet some nice people in the process of doing some good.

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A great suggestion and thank you for doing that!

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That is a great idea, we do not have any community gardens around here, but I have been thinking the past few months about planting a large garden at my shop and giving the produce to the less fortunate, just need to find maybe one more person who can help out with it, as my work schedule doesn't always leave me with a lot of spare time in the daylight hours. Would love to see more people do this, the satisfaction of knowing you're helping people in need, plus the added seat time, is a win-win situation

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Bryce I suggest contacting a local church.  Perhaps a high school age youth group would be willing to pitch in.  These things start small and sometimes grow.  My church started a food pantry with just three people.  The last I checked we give away about 100 tons of food a year and involve hundreds of people.   Most of our food comes through a food bank but part of the church's lawn is now a garden instead of grass.  The local community college gave us some land to use and that is used to produce food.  Our pantry has a web site wesleypantry.org if you would like to see what can happen.  You can see our small garden at https://www.faithinplace.org/news/groundbreaking-garden

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Great topic and great idea!


Just another thought...My :wh: spends some of its time helping out at a local Shrine / Chapel with the outdoor chores...I go along for the ride and help out too...:)

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