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I bought an old Original snow cab off Craigslist this Sunday. It's not the Wheel Horse version though. I got it cheap enough to take a chance of fitting it up. The seller said it was a Universal cab previously fitted to a Ford 100LGT. The brackets and frame come close to fitting but I an going to have to do some fabrication. It came with no instructions and so far I have had no luck finding instructions  for such an old cab.


It's made from pretty heavy canvas, not vinyl, and in really good condition for the apparent age. it also doesn't have a hard top, it has a canvas top made from the same material as the rest of it. I mocked it up and tried to figure out where the frame pieces that I have fit. I did find an instruction sheet on the Original Cab website. Cab Kit No. 4058 to fit the GT-14 has frame parts that look real close to what I have. I think I can fabricate what I need from the pictures.

Here is a few pictures of what I have so far.





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:WRS:            That looks like it is in great shape. I have one like it that came with a 953 project (1963) that I bought last spring.



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Made good progress tonight on mounting this cab to my tractor. Be carefully studying the pictures here and in the instruction manuals I found in the manuals section I was able to correct a few mistakes in my mockup and the parts started fitting better. I had to make 2 brackets for the rear as what came with it just was wrong. Hit the seat, gas cap, and was too low. The2 brackets I made fixed rthat. I would say I am 75% there. Just need to fabricate some brackets to extend the wishbone looking front panel frame to the footboards.


I was able to mount the doors and they fit well and open and close without binding so I guess I'm on the right track. I also did a test sit. Well it's a chore getting in and out. Clearly not designed for tall old fat guys. But I do fit and can't wait to get the skin on and give it a test drive.




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Posted (edited)

I am getting closer to a final solution to mounting this cab. I figured out how to use the framework that came with it without drilling any extra holes in the tractor or cutting/modifying the frame. After the first test drive I found that I need the whole thing raised up 2 or 3 inches. I sit tall in the saddle and the steel crossbars of the canvas top frame are painful on the scalp. Also I need to bring the bottoms of the front legs in as there is a huge gap at the foot boards. Lastly I need to attach the legs of the front panel frame to the foot boards.








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      Original Tractor Cab P650CC01 
      *NOTE: as far as I can tell, the plastic white top is all that is missing
      Otherwise, the pieces are in good shape, never used - just dirty from sitting.  The instructions and unopened original hardware also included.  Per the instructions this model is for 1990 and up 500 series tractors, although likely will fit / adapt to others somewhat easily.
      I bought this with my 520h from the original owner who advised it was never used and from the condition and packaging that appears to be the case.  I will not use it so I am looking to give a good home.  As a side note - the tractor only has 256 hours on it and also has a powered leaf / grass bagger unit (which is not something I see often as far as attachments).  But up for sale here is the NOS snow cab and hardware only