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Looking for a 520 Class 3 hitch receiver

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I would like to purchase a class 3 hitch receiver for my 520H.


I had purchased one for my C120 several years ago and look forward to having one my the 520.




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    • Jayoutdoors
      By Jayoutdoors
      hey there  I would like to install a ball and pull my boat and utility tractor around the property.  I don't feel as if the design of this drawbar style is built for that not to mention low height.   What recommendations, bought or built do you have to help me out.. 
      it would be nice to keep my tiller attachment on if possible.
      also what did they use the bar coming from under seat for??

    • n1defan
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      I am taking orders for the custom heavy duty hitches that Scott and I have been building.

      1. regular hitch $150 + shipping

      2. XI hitch $175 + shipping

      3. custom hitch to your dimensions $150 - $200 + shipping depending on what you need and cost of materials.

      extra plates and bolts $10 To mount hitch to tractor if you don't have a rear plow mount.

      Any questions you can PM me or post here.

      the larger of the two is an XI hitch
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      Was looking to buy rear hitch assembly on eBay don’t know what is comparable with my ‘84 c125. They all look the same. Is there much of any difference through the models? 

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      Hey guys. I was wondering about buying a clevis hitch from the wheelhorseman1000's website wheel horse parts and more, and i wanted to know if  i need the rockshaft between the gas tanks. I thought that the cable went right to the hitch with a trunnion to attach. If you didn't know from my other threads, I have a c81 with an 8-speed uni-drive transmission. My tractor already has the tube for the cable so thats what inspired me to get a clevis. 
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