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Hey Guys,


I have found out that I have a fast leak on the front  "drivers" side tire and a slower one on the rear "drivers" side tire.  Do you guys know where the best place to find tires (they're a bit worn), and tubes?


Not to mention, what is the best way to get them off the wheel?


Thank you in advance!

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If you have a Tractor Supply or Rural King near by they should have the tires and tubes. Any tire repair shop could mount them for you.

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Miller tire online has a ton of tires and tubes. Prices are good also. I also got some Hi-Run ags that I ordered through Walmart.


Harbor Freight sells a mini tire changer setup for like $40. You'll spend that or more at a tire shop.



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The last pair of ags I bought were for the front of Big Ugly (D180) - I went with the 18-8.50/8 stock size from BKT and so far have been very impressed with how well they are wearing despite that monster's weight and using a 56" blade with it , most of the nubs are still intact even working on rough rock surfaces . Think I picked those up off the auction site if I remember correctly and the price was great...



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