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312-8 no volts at solenoid

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312-8 has no power leaving relay to solenoid,If I use the switched feed to the relay on the solenoid it starts but I have no safety devices.The low oil switch wires have been joined where they leave the multiplug as one of them broke right at the switch too close to solder.The clutch and pto switches are good.When I turn the key the relay makes a faint click,when I turn it with the clutch depressed the solenoid joins in with a half hearted click.Could the low oil level wires being joined be contributing to alow voltage at the solenoid signal wire?Anyone got any ideas?

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953 nut

:WRS:           With any electrical problem the first step is to clean and tighten ALL electrical connections including grounds. I would encourage you to restore all safety switches to proper function.

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The last time I looked at one of these circuits it was determined that if the low oil switch wires are removed from the relay it will allow the solenoid to work. The low oil switch interrupted the starter circuit at the relay to prevent starting. Hope all the 312-8's are wired the same.



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Not too sure how I got it sorted but I know not to cross the wires going to the low oil switch,the switch closes when the oil is low so by crossing the wires going to the switch you are simulating low oil level.Leave them open if you want to bypass the switch when troubleshooting.


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