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520H help for a rookie

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Boy oh boy I love my 520H but I can not seem to find/read some of the numbers on it to look up my tractors info. It has a 20hp Onan that will need work soon. The tractor it self needs work. I am going to fully restore it but can't  look for parts cuz I have no info on it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.  Under the seat I find I.D # 3120OE01, then 15426 and what I can read of 9264???.



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E01 indicates 1988  the first year for the 520.  there was also a 520-HC of the same year that was the commercial version

any pictures of the whole tractor?

if know about Onan, you know to clean the cool fins of all the grass on the rear cylinder.

also on the later Onans there was a rubber oil filter seal to help seal the engine tin and promote better cooling. 

they are only a few dollars but well worth it.

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    • By qudrcps
      I recently started experiencing "bucking" on my 1997 520-H with the Eaton 1100 series transaxle.  This occurred after 500 hours of heavy use with the 60" mowing deck, with all transaxle oil changes performed per specs.  In reviewing causes of "bucking", I came across this for a similar complaint in a Simplicity 4711 that used the same transaxle.  ( simpletractors.com/forums/topic/7441-simplicity-4211-hydro-bucking-problem/ ).  One thought was that this was due to missing or loose bolts securing the transaxle to the frame.
      This turned out to be precisely the reason for the "bucking" in mine.  One securing bolt replaced, all other securing bolts tightened (along with the engine bolts), and the Forward-Reverse lever/linkage adjusted and tightened, and the tractor is back to "usual".
      It's just something to consider before the nightmare of a transaxle overhaul...
    • By r1jakecfd
      Hi Guys,
      Does anyone know where you can get the correct size, 90 deg crimp fittings for the hydraulic line going from under the hydro trans to the lift valve on the 520-H? I found a Gates fitting with the correct thread size but it was too long on the thread end. It came down too far under the transmission to allow the hose to come over the frame.
      Hopefully I described this well enough?
      Many thanks,
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      Hey Guys,
      Doing some Maintenance on my 2 Stage snowblower ID # 0644SC01    60442  Ser# 9317
      Problem # 1
      Last winter Noticed that the Drive Pully on the Blower was wabbling
      This spring when I took the belt off I noticed that the Keyway on the spindle and pulley was worn.
      The Key ways actually rounded
      The set screw in the pully to spindle was missing.
      So, what is the easy/cheap fix that will solve this issue
      Thinking of mig welding the pulley to the spindle.
      How Stupid is that idea?
      Problem #2
      The scraper Blade is well worn. Should I try to find a new piece or weld something to it?
      What would you guys do?
      Thanks In Advance for taking the time to Respond,
      Best Regards,
      Kevin B

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      48" side discharge mower deck, used only 1 summer. This deck is in fantastic shape. Little bit of rust, very straight and spins like new. I can ship Fastenal at cost, or pick up. 300.00 OBO. https://flic.kr/p/X6JGCv