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wireless tachometer

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Just used my wireless tachometer to set the RPM's on one of my tractors, unfortunately it was not a red tractor, but a good performer and worker non the less. I know it says for single cylinders, but it works on twins too.IMG_0423.JPG.c4dfe1d2655ff00e9fe2a7e60398fa91.JPGIMG_0424.JPG.92c6233066fa28bab806f553ef01adaa.JPGIMG_0418.JPG.8e56183e7a79368a75ae40aaa6ff2949.JPG

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8 hours ago, elcamino/wheelhorse said:

@Dhodge Where did you purchase the wireless tach ?

To be honest I have had it so long I really don't remember.

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Just fyi - I have an electronic Equus hand held timing light/tach I've used for years in dialing in distributors on older engines and setting the timing curve springs/weights . It's ability to read/figure out firing and rpm is amazing - the dumb thing will read 1,2,3-8 cylinder engines with no problem and seems to be a bit more attenuated in it's tach reading ability - doesn't bounce around so much on the display as others . Seems to be pretty robust as well - it's been bashed by fan blades more than once and recently took a solid knock off my K341 hard enough to break the hinge section at the head - but still works flawlessly . Nice part is this one has a defeat button to turn off the strobe light when using it just as a tachometer - just a simple magnetic pickup that goes to the plug wire and the regular positive/negative battery clamps - simple enough for nearly anything .



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