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    Wood working , old tools to use not sit on a shelf and look pretty. Working on a 1984 El Camino S S. Cutting grass

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  1. elcamino/wheelhorse

    A Tale of Two 520's

    @WHX21 I punched a clock once broke my knuckles. We appreciate you working so hard so we get our social security checks each month. We would like a bigger raise . When you drive down to make your donation please makes sure it is not between 1 and 3 pm. Don't want my daily nap interrupted .
  2. elcamino/wheelhorse

    A Tale of Two 520's

    @WHX21 Your whole problem is space , either build an addition on your garage or donate part of your herd to me. Them you will have room to work on both tractors.
  3. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Sad times

    My at least if you have a Lowes close to you , there are way more Craftsman tools than at a Sears Store. I wander around the tool section at Sears while the wife tries on all the clothes and buys nothing. We only have one Sears left in Richmond , Va as of February . The shelves at Sears are empty. Sears just can't get their act together. The downfall started with the Kmart - Sears combination . We haven't had a Kmart in Richmond in years.
  4. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Engine Swap on a 212 horse

    get looking country , glad your project was a success.
  5. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Prayers for Wheelhorseman & Family

    I hope they recover soon.
  6. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Wheel Horse C-121 + Trailer ( Pictures )

    Very nice work.
  7. elcamino/wheelhorse

    3-point Guttering Tool - The Silver Spade

    I would like to see more pictures , how did you bend or shape the spade ?
  8. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Happy Birthday James

    Happy Birthday Jr remember the mid mount blade that you sold me because it was leaning up against your shed wall. Now it is leaning up against my shed wall . Ha HA
  9. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Removing Winter Storm Diego

    @WVHillbilly520H Nice shots , never thought I could use a blower , but I got 13 inches of white stuff every where. When you finish drive down here and cut me some paths .
  10. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Happy Birthday Brian!

    Happy Birthday , hope you have a nice one.
  11. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Heeeeeeeeyyy. Eric! Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday , I thought you were an ole goat , but I see you are still just a young whipper snapper.
  12. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Plowing snow on a GT 14

    I have a Drs appointment on Friday so the city streets maybe clear by then. Snow like this is going to be a big pain in the butt. We probably won't get mail until Wednesday. Ha Ha no bills for a change.
  13. elcamino/wheelhorse


    I am not going out there , its too cold. I'll hold it until tomorrow.
  14. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Plowing snow on a GT 14

    Well guys we have about 5 or 6 inches down here in the flat lands now, not sure if it is still snowing as it is dark and I am too lazy to cut on outside lights. City will be closed tomorrow as the idiot mayor announced last week that no outside contractors will be used for snow removal this year. We are responsible for road maintenance and not the state DOT. Nice to be retired .
  15. elcamino/wheelhorse

    Some loads of the year

    Are you sure your nickname isn't "The Bandit " ?