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What is the torque needed for pulley spindle bearing preload in a 42 inch sd mower deck?

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I am replacing with new spindle assemblies of my model 78345 mower deck. I am unable to find in the manual section what the torque needed to preload the pulley to spindle

bearings under the protective covers on top of the mower deck.

I found the torque required for the blades to be 80-120 lb ft in one of the manuals here.

Please advise or tell me which manual it is found in.

Thank you,


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The 05-42MS04 deck uses the same bearings so suspect the spindle housings are identical but have never compared all the housing assembly parts. There is a handy chart on all the different spindle assemblies 1969-1989 so the last Z page gives you the torque specs. The Z bearings are metric OD and ID.

Click on the small grainy photo and it will enlarge so you can read it.


Noticed this service bulletin also comes up


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Hello Gary,

Thank you for helping me find the information I needed. I now know to torque the pulley to spindle bearing nuts to 50-90 ft lbs.


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