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The BIG 200 series

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I'm pretty sure many (most?) here ignore or even turn their noses up when they see a vertical shaft tractor, even if it's a Wheel Horse.  I know I always have.  After owning a 264-H for awhile, and finally getting around to mounting the deck and mowing a couple times I must say that I can't tell which way the crankshaft is spinning!  Looks and feels like a good old Wheel Horse to me!  I've never found the need for more than 14hp using a 48" deck but more is better when it comes to snow blowing so there's still up to 6 more horses available up to and including the 270.  I LOVE the forward/backward foot control!  Makes me think I'm on one of my xi's until I notice there's no power steering!  Man if this tractor had PS it would be the cat's meow!  Manual lift but I see little need for hydraulic lift for the deck and I would NOT want it for dozer blade use though I would for a snowblower.  Mine came with a nice blower but I'd rather have a dozer blade with this.  Never used a hydro, especially with foot motion control with a blade but I think I would like that a lot!


However!  I find that they command a pretty good price compared to the Classics.  Perhaps because they are newer and the paint is still shiny?   Don't know...  I got mine for cheap because the owner didn't change the air filter that was so plugged that it would seldom start and if it did it belched out black smoke.  New filter and plugs and she starts right up, runs great and with no smoke.


So if you have a chance to grab a big 200 series I'd suggest looking at it.  As long as it's not near ME!

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I had a 200 series 10 horse for twenty years. Beat the snot out of it and it did everything I ever asked for it. I had to buy a diode and tie rod for it and that was it! :banana-wrench:

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I've been watching Craigslist in my area for one to pop up that's reasonable. Each time they are either way overpriced or something major is busted.


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